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The Best, Worst, and Weirdest of the Week


Best Fake Projects: Run the Jewels went on Stephen Colbert's show, and besides an excellent musical performance, they made a fake ad for a number of Meow the Jewels-inspired projects. They're pretty funny, except that now we really do need an album of remixed breakup noises. -- Eric Thurm

Worst Real Side Project: Apparently The Strokes'Julian Casablancas invented a folding, pedal-less electric bike that he just patented. I'm confused though, did he just invent an iO Hawk or...? -- Sandra Song

(photo via Hernando County Sheriff's Office)

Scariest Collection: This group of 3,700 knives a Florida woman had in her home. It is legitimately terrifying. (Also, she tried stabbing a police officer.) -- ET

Best Way to Catch 'Em All: This Twitter account going through celebrities and identifying which Pokemon they are is surprisingly spot-on, and capable of dishing out slander for Tyga in the best, subtlest way possible. -- ET

Narwhals Aiden and Ashley unite. Cheers to a happy marriage! 💑

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Worst Procrastination Tactic: I think the Gothamist headline "Vassar Students Got Married In Dorm Because They Were Bored" sums it up pretty well. -- SS

Chillest Donkey of the Week: This Donkey! Dude is on planet Good Vibes. Where are his flip-up his sunglasses? -Elizabeth

16REVIEW1-master675.jpgCasey Kelbaugh / The New York Times

Most Da Fuq New York Fashion Week Beauty:
Thom Browne's awesome skyscraper braids. Brown never lets you down when it comes to extreme runway makeup looks (remember the Elizabethean clowns?) and these cuckoo-crazy, gravity-defying coiffures were no exception. --Elizabeth

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.02.41 PM.png
Best Quote of the Week: This one, from our incredible, must-read Q&A with tech-erotica writer Leonard Delaney. --Elizabeth 

Best New Gay Bar: A Swedish hip-hop duo named Far & Son just built a gay bar on land owned by the Russian presidency in protest of the country's crackdown on gay people. The whole Village People thing is just an added bonus. -- SS

tattoos.jpgBest for the Jews: new service promises to remove tattoos after you die and display them as art, which is creepy. But the idea has a pretty great unintentional application -- as any angst-ridden Jewish teenager will tell you, there's a persistence myth that members of the tribe can't be buried in Jewish cemeteries. Stick it to mom once and for all, and give her your tattoos when you're gone. She'll kvell! -- ET

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