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Meet Charles Sonder, Chips-Eating Subway Hero a.k.a. Snackman

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 5.50.13 PM.pngAfter we posted this morning about the guy who broke up a fight while casually eating chips and gummy bears (as he later revealed), our thoughts began to turn to the real man behind the nascent meme. Who is Snackman and what does he do when he's not a 6 train vigilante hero? (Answer: Charles Sonder, architect and Brooklyn resident.) As you can see from our email Q&A below, he appears to be just as elusive and humble as one could hope for in a  superhero. Read what he has to say for himself below:   

What were you thinking when you saw the fight happen?
'Is someone going to stop these two from kicking each other? Nope, I guess I will.' 
You get between them so casually. Were you intentionally trying to avoid engaging the fighting people? 
I just wanted the fighting to stop and I thought that if I got between them, they wouldn't be able to hit each other anymore.  

How did you first learn that you were becoming viral on YouTube?
I got a text message from my mom this morning when I woke up saying 'Hey snackman.'  I said 'What does that mean?' and she told me to go online.

How does it feel to be a meme?
I'm a meme?

Have a lot of girls been asking you out/proposing to you today (on Facebook/Twitter etc.)?
No proposals that I know of. I'm at work just trying to get stuff done. I have a deadline tomorrow. 

What do you do in real life?  You're an architect, right?
I do most of the 3D modeling and rendering. But most of the time I do what everyone else in the firm does -- design buildings. 

How long have you lived in NYC?
Just two years.

Where in NYC do you live?
I live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


Casual Chips Guy Is Our New Favorite Subway Hero

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