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UPDATED: Drake and Serena Williams Were Spotted Making Out -- Here's a Timeline of "Aubrena"

Drake has had quite the summer. He got into a weird, protracted fight with a dude he is ostensibly friends with and cast aspersions on a woman he was apparently once in love with. He got really fit (more on that later). And now he might have gone 0 to 100 real quick with a new girlfriend -- photos have surfaced of him making out with tennis champion Serena Williams at a restaurant in Cincinnati. Here is a timeline of a couple we're not saying you definitely need to call Aubrena, but we're also not not saying it either.

Update:We missed this 2011 Drake tweet to Serena that reads as a rather ... revealing peek into their relationship. Look down at your own risk.

0824-drake-serena-williams-launch3-3.jpg(photo via TMZ)

2011 -- Serena and Drake Start Dating
Drake and Serena Williams date for a while after Serena ends a relationship with Common. Both are famous but Drake doesn't quite have the star power he has now. The two reportedly go on vacation together in Florida, and are apparently "in each other's lives" at the end of the year.

2012 -- Common and Drake Sort of Beef, and it's Sad
With a new album conveniently out, Common tries to provoke some excitement at the prospect that he's beefing with Drake over Serena. The pair trade shots over who is softer, undoubtedly prompting embarrassment on Serena's part. The tactic doesn't really work though. (Here is a sub-timeline of the beef for the particularly masochistic.)

September, 2012 -- Serena Starts Dating Her Trainer
They were apparently still together in January of this year.

February, 2014 -- Rihanna and Serena Fight
Drake, perhaps deciding his life needed to be even more like a sitcom than it already was, reportedly invites both Rihanna and Serena to one of his shows, where the pair exchange heated words. Drake leaves with Rihanna, and Serena tweets this:

Summer 2015 -- Drake Gets Jacked
Drake gets really buff over the summer.

@ovojonnyroxx Tank got me working at the Palace!!!!! Push Pounds

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Friday, July 10 -- Serena Friendzones Drake
Serena gives an interview during Wimbledon (where Drake has made a number of appearances) in which she claims he is "just like family." It's not very convincing.

The Rest of the Summer -- Drake Does Some Other Stuff

Sunday, August 23 -- Caught in the Act
TMZ acquires photos of Drake and Serena making out in a restaurant in Cincinnati. Is Aubrena official now? Only time will tell. All we can say for sure at this juncture is that we hope Serena Williams doesn't get a Views From the 6 shoutout that's as cringe-y as what Drake said about Nicki on her song, "Only."

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