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Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner's Best Lines from "Difficult People" So Far

difficult people 1.jpgHulu's Difficult People, starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner, is a very funny sitcom -- and that's what it is. Because although being an old-fashioned sitcom has become somewhat unfashionable in the TV world, Klausner and Eichner have made something squarely in the vein of ridiculously mean shows from the past couple of decades. Seinfeld is a huge influence in the show's basic misanthropy, of course, but there are elements of 30 Rock in the pacing, a hundred acerbic sitcom marriages channeled in the relationship between Julie and her boyfriend Arthur (James Urbaniak), and, of course, Curb Your Enthusiasm's DNA in the wanton barbs and social slights.

To celebrate this legacy, we combed through the first two episodes of the series to find the choicest verbiage and reward it as the best of the best. Here are the Difficult-ies:

Best Justification for Not Learning Basic Life Skills -- Billy Refusing to Use Power Tools
"Because my father is dead, and when he was alive he was Jewish."

Best Explanation for Unfortunate Life Circumstances -- Billy... Explaining His Unfortunate Life Circumstances
"Because our lives are garbage and it's the world's fault."

Best Lesson in Synonyms -- Julie Explaining the Theater
"You know what 'understudy' is? A fancy word for 'disappointment.'"

tech_waywithwords.jpgPhoto by Bill Durgin

Best Insult
--Billy Insulting His Younger Co-Worker
"I'm sorry that NAMBLA doesn't have a 'Ones to watch' section in their monthly newsletter that you could use as a press clipping."

Second-Best Insult/Special Award for Industry Satire -- Billy When Asked to Pretend to be a 13-Year-Old Boy
"Imagine being a Comedy Central executive and being like that every day!"

Best/Worst Racial Humor -- Billy and His Friend Abandoning a Hit-and-Run
"Well I am sure glad Dr. Cornel West isn't around to see this."
Cornel_West.jpgBest Expression of Disappointment -- Julie Not Having a Threesome
"I didn't get spit-roasted or anything. I know, perchance to dream..."

Congratulations to everyone!

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