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Stylist Violetta Kassapi On Fashion Inspiration, "Spiritual Getaways" and the Craziest Shoot She's Ever Worked On

violetta_supra.jpg[Photo by Luke Freeman]

Scrolling through Violetta Kassapi's Instagram, your eyes are apt to stop at any number of photos and say, "Damn, I want those shoes/jackets/sunglasses/manicure." The London-based stylist and fashion editor at indie hip-hop and fashion magazine, Viper, has honed an effortlessly cool style as befits a girl who grew up in Camden, the creative hub that was the center of the city's music scene in the early and mid-00s, a scene that spawned the likes of Babyshambles, The Kills and Amy Winehouse, who was a close friend of Kassapi's. Amidst working on shoots for Viper, styling music videos for Major Lazer and MØ and serving as an official ambassador for Supra's #AlwaysOnTheRun campaign, Kassapi had time to chat with us about getting her start in fashion, inspiration and her favorite places to shop.

How did you get into fashion?

I grew up in Kentish Town right next to Camden Town in London -- it's famous for having very diverse cultures living next to each other, piercing/tattoo shops, markets and alternative music venues. I've always loved fashion since I was a kid and me and my friends used to design clothes together and wear them to Grime raves. My grandma was a very successful textiles designer and my mother owned a clothes shop so I have been surrounded and very passionate about clothes since I was a child. Luckily, I got into assisting styling at the photographer Rankin's gallery in Kentish Town at the age of 20.

What has been the craziest shoot you've ever done?

It must have been the video I styled for Major Lazer ft. MØ -- "Lean On." We shot it in India and had only a few days to organize 36 outfits. It was so crazy, I had a lot of the clothes made out there and was emailing ideas back and forth. It was lovely to visit the cloth houses when I arrived and fit Diplo and all the dancers.

Who or what inspires you most right now?

To be honest, the colors and clouds in the sky have been wild recently. The other morning my boyfriend and I woke up and we took the dogs to Primrose Hill -- we walked to the top and could see over the whole of London. Even though I had so many layers on, my bra got wet it was raining so hard and there wasn't a human in sight. It was so beautiful. I love the rain.

What are your favorite cities to discover fashion?

I love traveling and India is my spiritual getaway. The colors are amazing. Vintage and stripper shops in LA are out of this world, too. I get very inspired being out there!

What advice do you wish someone had given you before getting started in fashion? What advice would you give to a young person wanting to get in the industry?

Going back, I wouldn't change much. I appreciate everything I have learned along my way freelancing. But things take time. A beautiful garden is not created over night, it needs time to grow.

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