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Battleme's "Touch" Is Our Music Video of the Day


The video for Battleme's "Touch" starts off mysteriously enough when singer Matt Drenik (whose falsetto can rival that of Barry Gibbs) escapes from an ambulance on a gurney and traverses empty city streets.  Before long, his ride gets the American Chopper-style treatment and pretty soon he's cruising in his new gurney-meets-hot rod.  Things get weird before there's a big reveal -- we won't spoil the ending but it's a fun watch to be sure.

Battleme started in 2009 when Matt Drenik (then frontman of Austin-based band Lions) found out he had uvetis, an auto immune disease that affects the eyes and is the fourth leading cause of blindness.  Following his diagnosis, Drenik reassessed his life and his music and "fell in love all over again with the songs on the Rolling Stone's Sticky Fingers, Beck's Mellow Gold and Flaming Lips' Clouds Taste Metallic."  With a new outlook, he decided to experiment with a different sound and created what would become Battleme.  His eponymous debut album comes out on April 24.

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