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Foodie Call


Mustache cookie. $1.95 at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, 513 Henry St., Brooklyn

Chocolate gift box by Fine & Raw. $49 at fineandraw.com

Ecuadorian chocolate with popcorn and chile by Sahagùn. $3.95 at sahagunchocolates.com

Salt and pepper white chocolate by Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co. $5.99 at oliveandsinclair.com

Coffee bar by Sahagùn. $5 at sahagunchocolates.com

Smoked cola BBQ sauce by Mission Chinese Food. $10-$15 at Mission Chinese Food, 2234 Mission St., San Francisco.

Preserved limes by June Taylor. $20 at Boulettes Larder, 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco.

Bolivian dark chocolate made with Ecuadorian Palo Santo wood by Cocanú. $5 at coca.nu

Tangerine-flavored hard candy by Brooklyn Hard Candy. $9 at stevenalan.com

Cabernet Sauvignon by Scribe Winery. $60 at scribewinery.com

Smoked Maldon salt by Lior Lev Sercarz. $19 at theingredientfinder.com

Ginger syrup by Morris Kitchen. $13 at stevenalan.com

Bloody Mary Mix by McClure's. $12 at murrayscheese.com

Seasonal cookie box by Lior Lev Sercarz. $65 at theingredientfinder.com

Pickled carrots with ginger. $8.95 at Formaggio Essex, 120 Essex St. New York.

Japanese mints by Kaol. $12 at cooperhewittshop.org

Pickled beets and strawberries by Blackberry Farm. $12.95 at williams-sonoma.com

Assorted Swedish candy from Sockerbit. $3.25 per 1/4 lb. at Sockerbit, 89 Christopher St., New York

Hot pepper jelly by Jamie Oliver's Jme Pantry Collection. $14.95 at williams-sonoma.com

Balsamic vinegar by Francesco Giusti. $66 at theingredientfinder.com

Bacon peanut brittles by The Redhead. $6 at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, 513 Henry St., Brooklyn.

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