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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week


Worst Trending Hashtag: Why do we need a #NationalExDay? Trash can emoji. -- Sandra Song

Most Uncharacteristically Ordinary Music Video: No self-administered nipple piercings or creepy hay-matted births in Björk's new video for "Black Lake" -- just the avant-garde queen of Iceland wavering alone atop the barren earth. Oh, and neon blue lava, but what else did you expect from Björk? -- Victoria Lin

Photo via Gerard Garvey / The Self Portrait Project

Nudest Fashion Show: To celebrate Skin Wars's second season premiere, StudioAtGawker put on a fashion show consisting entirely of body paint. -- Suzannah Weiss

Mean Girls Game.jpg
Photo via Pocket Gems/The Hollywood Reporter

Fetchest Video Game:
If you've ever wondered what it's like to be personally victimized by Regina George, wonder no more. Gaming company Pocket Gems announced Wednesday that the Plastics are making their smartphone debut in a mobile game based on the original Mean Girls storyline. -- V.L.

Best Tweet by a Cat That Is Actually Billy Corgan: Mr. Thom + Sammi, the Twitter account dedicated to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan's cats Thom and now-deceased Sammi, welcomed new "sisters" Angelface and Diamond Baby on Tuesday. We can only hope the new kittens get their own account once they're old enough to tweet. -- S.W

iPhone Menstruation Tracker.jpgPhoto via The Independent

Best News About Your Period:
Apple's finally acknowledging it. After the release of iOS 8, the tech giant received flak for its Health app, which had no period tracker (!) despite otherwise monitoring every imaginable bodily function -- from the useful (blood pressure) to the inscrutable ("forced expiratory volume, 1 sec"). With iOS 9, Apple's rolling out a suite of metrics for keeping tabs on reproductive health, including menstruation, ovulation, and sexual activity.-- V.L.

Zayn Malik Hair.jpgPhoto via People

Fastest-Evolving Hair:
Leave it to Zayn Malik to stay earth-scorchingly hot even after sequential green and white dye jobs that make his hair look less like hair and more like moldy cheese aging in reverse. One Direction don't know what they've lost.-- V.L.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 16.37.35.png
Screenshot via ABC

Most Specific Internet Poll:
After Raven-Symoné told Nick Jonas on The View, "You smell amazing. You smell like man," Jezebel wanted to know, "What do you think Nick Jonas smells like, specifically?" The most popular answers were "A Dune Grass Yankee Candle" and "Sweat, grilled meats, and Old Spice." -- S.W.

Most Painful/Gross Clip of the Week: This week two former rugby players, Wendell Sailor and Ben Ross, had an arm wrestle on live TV during the rugby league show, The Footy Show. But just 5 seconds into the match, there was clear winner as Sailor broke Ross's arm. There is even a really lovely pop sound to accompany the injury. Watch at your own risk. -- Juliette Kang

A photo posted by Aura (@auracolorist) on

The Weirdest Hair Trend of the Week: Sand Art Hair. Remember Sand Art? Those bottles filled with various colors of sand, visually melting into one another? Well now your hair can look like it too if that is something you want your hair to look like!! -- J.K

buscmei.jpgThe Most Visionary Body Modification Trend:
Tattoos of Steve Buscemi. Need we say more? -- Eric Thurm

Most Inappropriate Use of RuPaul:
Hannibal's official Twitter account posted a .gif of the show's new, horrifying stag monster with the lyrics of RuPaul's "Cover Girl." HitFix made it a nightmarish, fabulous reality. -- E.T.

Happiest Kanye:
Taking questions at a fake press conference after a basketball game. Aw. -- E.T.

catlaugh.jpgMew-est News: Turns out all those trending Facebook articles were a bunch of hooey, cause an actual scientist has gone in and dismantled the myth that your cat makes you crazy. --S.S.

giphy.gifMost Sensible Advice: A 100-year-old woman says her secret to longevity is...booze.--S.S.

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