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Peyton & Eli Manning, David & Andy Spade and Other Sibling Collaborations We'd Like to See


Independent filmmakers the Duplass Brothers (above) are the latest to uphold the Hollwood tradition of "keeping it in the family" when it comes to creative projects. Their latest effort, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, arrived in theaters over the weekend and was directed and written by both Jay and Mark (who recently landed on PAPERMAG's L.A. Dirty Dozen list). The two have a history of writing, starring in, producing or directing projects that the other brother (or sometimes one of their spouses!) wrote, starred in, produced or directed.

Here are some other siblings we'd like to see collaborate. They're not all of the filmmaking persuasion, so for the heck of it, we've listed some helpful suggestions for projects they can collaborate on:


Eli and Peyton Manning -- We can all agree that Peyton Place, the soap from the 1960s, is LONG overdue for an update. (We're also pretty much 100% sure that 76% of you have had that same thought at least once today.) Eli and Peyton can trade in their jerseys and Super Bowl rings for intrigue and backstabbing. The two of them should play every single character. We're going to need a large wig trunk and something with which we can create cleavage.


David and Andy Spade
-- Did you know that David Spade is related to Andy Spade, owner of gallery/store Partners and Spade and former CEO and co-founder of Jack Spade and Kate Spade (who's also his wife)? We'd like to see them on a The View-style panel talk show with another set of siblings, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. We imagine it involving a lot of outdoor voices while Andy cooly sips tea from a blue-and-red polka-dot mug.

Williams Sisters.png

Venus and Serena Williams -- Let's get these girls off the court and in the kitchen. A tennis-themed cooking show, replete with tennis-based catchphrases like "Ace!" whenever Venus puts something in the oven and Serena's trademarked "I swear to God I'll f*cking take the lasagna and shove it down your f*cking throat."


Sasha and Malia Obama -- Any sort of martial arts related endeavor. They could open a Dojo, or star in a Rumble in the Bronx-type action movie. Either one. Sensai Malia has a nice ring to it.


Cormac and Melissa McCarthy***
-- You know how you dread having 'the talk' with your children? The one where you break it to them that: "All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain"? Or the one where you have to discuss "the crushing black vacuum of the universe"? Let Cormac and Melissa come into your home and have those difficult conversations with your children on your behalf via a very entertaining puppet show. Both Cormac and Melissa do all the voices. They'll teach your kids about the birds and the bees, and also the blood and the West.

***not actual siblings

The Wayans Brothers -- When are these guys going to get it together and collaborate on something? C'mon! There are enough of you to man a small aquatic vessel!

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