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Boys In Underwear Tell Us What They Want For Christmas

This holiday season, one of our favorite photographers, Richard Phibbs, got together with some of the sexiest men in show business -- that is, the scantily clad fellows of adult film site cockyboys.com. Since a few of them are on Mr. Mickey's Christmas list, I asked the boys what they're hoping to see under the tree this year.

MarcUnderwear_038_v1.jpgMarc Dylan

1. The one thing I wish for every Christmas is to have my mother back with me.

2. A new Corvette

3. A shopping spree

4. A new watch. I lost mine at the gym.

5. To find my special someone.

Tommy Defendi

1. A new Macbook Pro

2. A shopping spree at my favorite shoe/hat store!

3. A puppy (preferably a Frenchy -- but I love all dogs)

4. A good time with my loved ones and closest friends

5. A new sexy piece of ass to have some fun with on camera for all my fans' entertainment. Gotta spread the holiday cheer.

KennedyUnderwear_065_v1.jpgKennedy Carter

1. To get my mum to New York for a vacation next summer. By the time I go back to London next October, I will have been out of the country for 16 months. I miss my family a lot. Plus my mum has not taken a holiday abroad since before I was born so I feel like I owe her!

2. For Florrie to release her new EP. The last two have been two of my favorite collections of pop music in ages, and she is still giving away all her music for free on her website. My pop star of the year.

3. To finish my year of school in Mexico without turning into a giant taco. I have a frightening addiction and the taqueria next to my house doesn't help.

4. For Katie Holmes to throw off the barley water-scented shackles of Scientology and write a tell-all memoir.

5. Happiness, love and success for all the important people in my life

Phenix Saint

1. A 7-day day cruise to Jamaica
2. Shannon Elizabeth
3. An American Express Black Card

4. A Ferrari 35

5. And last, but not least, that everyone has a very happy and safe holiday.
TurkUndwear_056_v1.jpgTurk Mason

1. A second butthole

2. To be Jewish so that next year I get eight presents

3. A sandwich. God, I'm hungry!

4. A third butthole

5. World peace

Mason Star

1. A horse-drawn carriage pulled by ghost horses
2. A black pearl necklace
3. A pair of Christian Louboutin Puck heels
4. A Benjamin Cho polar bear fur coat as seen in the "Bad Romance" video
5. A signed, used pair of Lady Gaga's panties

Marc wears briefs by Calvin Klein, Tommy wears briefs by Calvin Klein, Kennedy wears briefs by H&M, Phenix wears briefs by American Apparel, Turk wears briefs by H&M and Mason wears briefs by Wrangler.

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