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In Da Club: The Best Looks We Saw at Pop Cube, a Party Hosted by PC Music and SOPHIE

In our new series, 'In Da Club,' we're sending photographers around to shoot the coolest fashion spotted at the best parties.

We sent Krista Schlueter to Pop Cube, a party hosted by UK-based kawaii-pop label, PC Music, and one of their marquee artists, SOPHIE, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy. Held inside Fort Greene's BRIC House, the party brought the PC Music aesthetic to life and the guests got the memo, channeling the label's signature twisted cutesiness with looks that variously featured animal ears, pastel hair, Tumblr print-style tracksuits and more. Below, we feature our favorite looks of the night and talk to the people behind them.

Mooch Ling, Head of bipling.com

"My style is British museum chic."

Left: Matt, 24, Sociologist

Right: Vince, 22, Artist

Left: Matt Holmes, 21, Photographer and Stylist

Right: Ponibbi, 21, Producer/DJ

"I wore this tonight because it was something that I could dance in." -- Ponibbi

Gage of the Boone, 30, Performance artist/party organizer

"I made this outfit and it was simple to wear."

Dev Hynes, 29, Musician (Blood Orange)

Left: Yelena Perlin, 27, Art Director

Right: Eric White, 26, Photographer(On his look): "Hip dad, cool dad." -- Eric White

Jen Lu, 31, Art Director

"I just wanted to wear something shiny."

Tim Nolan, 44, Creative Director

"I just wanted to look good with Jen."

Bryn Taubensee, 25, Stylist

"I like cheap, shitty things from eBay."

Ida Chelengar, 24, Commercial production and music producer

"I am into all-white looks and I have aqua hair to match my Internet personality."

Beau Burrows, 26, Director

(On his look): "anagnorisis and perimeters."

Ary Warnaar, Musician (Anamanaguchi)

"I wore this because I wore it yesterday and didn't have the option to change."

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