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"How Old Do I Look" Doesn't Know What to Do With Celebrities Who've Had Plastic Surgery

As did the rest of the internet, I spent the better half of this morning playing with Microsoft's new "How Old Do I Look" app. One of the software's guesses pegged me at 21, another at 31. I'm 32, so I'll just tap dance backward out of the room and not test my fate with any more uploads in which my crows feet are more clearly defined.

If "How Old Do I Look" is vaguely on the nose about guessing the ages of regular joes, what about celebrities who have had obvious plastic surgery? We tested a few images of stars who have either admitted to, or seemingly had, work done. For the most part, "How Old Do I Look" is not a fan of dudes with face lifts, eye lifts and nose jobs, almost always over-estimating their ages, sometimes drastically. Women fared much better, consistently having their ages under-guessed. So much for the theory that men age better than women. (Although, Axl, please tell us who your doctor is) Check our How Old Do I Looks guesses versus celebrities' actual ages below.

Real age: 56

Mickey Rourke
Real age: 62

Carrot Top
Real age: 50

Real age: 68

Burt Reynolds
Real age: 79

Dolly Parton
Real age: 69

Kenny Rogers
Real age: 76

Axl Rose
Real age: 53

John Travolta
Real age: 61

Lil Kim
Real age: 40

Howard Stern
Real age: 61

Renee Zellweger Real age: 46

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