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Community Stars in PAPER: A Retrospective

Like a lot of people out there, we're so happy that Community is ending its extended hiatus and are looking forward to its return tomorrow night! In honor of having the show back, we present you with a little walk down Paper + Community memory lane.

032_PAPER-1.jpgIn this 2010 piece, a self-effacing Donald Glover discussed his co-stars' work pre-Community versus his own: 

"Everyone else [in the cast] I've seen in other places before, whether it's Mad Men or Fletch or The Soup. People are like, 'Oh, hey, I've seen the YouTube short of you pooping yourself!'"

from Boy Wonder: Community Star Donald Glover

dannypudi-head.jpgIn 2011, Danny Pudi chatted with us about the prime-time show's devotion to absurd humor: 

"I was like, 'This is never gonna make it on the air!' Sure enough, it all made it on the air. I felt like I was a comedy Robin Hood, pulling a prank back in college."

from a Sense Of Community: A Q&A with Actor Danny Pudi

022_r1_PAPER-11.jpgIn 2009, Joel McHale told us he'd always be faithful to hosting The Soup, despite having just been cast on Community:

"As long as we have insane and morally bankrupt television, [The Soup] is where I'll be."

from McHale and Hearty: Snark Master Joel McHale Broadens His Horizons

LA-jacobs-thumb-500xauto-41376.jpgIn 2011, Gillian Jacobs discussed her bond with her Community cast-mates,

"We've developed a strong group chemistry during the pilot, and it has only deepened since then.... [The recent onslaught of critical and fan support has] given us the courage to take risks and do more conceptual episodes, like our Halloween zombie adventure or our Christmas stop-motion animation episode."

from The Group: Meet the Fierce and Funny Females Who Hang out Together and Are About to Take Over Hollywood Together.

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