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Top 10 Holiday Cards We Received This Year -- From John Waters to Phyllis Diller to The White House

We here at PAPER know some pretty interesting characters -- who often send us equally interesting holiday cards. Here are 10 of the best we've gotten this year, including one that's edible!

1. An elegant and disturbing card courtesy of John Waters

minterxmascard.png2. M&Ms from artist Marilyn Minter and husband Bill Miller, funnily enough printed by Walmart.com!

3dennisxmascard.png3. Every year PAPER film critic Dennis Dermody goes the upsetting route with his Christmas cards. This year, he did not disappoint with this hilarious gem.

chanelxmascard1.png4. Chanel's delicate and tasteful card

narsxmascard.png5. A pup wearing a tuxedo and a top-hat from Nars

whitehousexmascard.png6. This card is neither here nor there, but it's from the White fricking House, so we had to put it on here.



7. Each Christmas, the amazing nonagenarian Phyllis Diller writes a hilarious poem -- this year's is cat-themed!

dieselxmascard.png8. Diesel encourages us to work hard and party harder, a motto we here at PAPER Publishing Inc. can really get behind.


9. Ruben Toledo painted a lovely little scene for his and Isabel Toledo's holiday card.

driesxmas.png10. We think we're going to eat Dries van Noten's card right after we publish this blog. See ya!

PAPERxmascard.pngOh, this one doesn't count, but we wanted to stick it in here anyway -- it's ours!

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