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Who's On Top? A Game Of Thrones Season 5 Power Ranking

Last season's Game of Thrones left both Tywin Lannister's bathroom and Westeros in shambles. Shit got chaotic. But like Littlefinger says, "Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder." So the real question is, who's poised to climb to the top this season? Here's a non-comprehensive power ranking of the show's current main-players, from least to most powerful, along with vague predictions for season 5 from someone who's a) read the books but b) has no idea what the show is doing.

10. Theon Greyjoy/Reek: Any list with "power" in its title has to place Reek at the bottom. Think of it as a real-world extension of the psychological torture he's enduring! Reek has now assisted in slaughtering both his surrogate wolf family and his ironborn clan -- and in some perverse dimension, that could maybe be a power move. But since he can't use his own name or take baths, I'm gonna go with nah.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Reek gets an extension on his leash.

116996-Tyrion-no-gif-Imgur-Game-of-Th-hPyM-1419771020.gif9. Tyrion Lannister: Tyrion closed out last season with some sick patricide moves, but now he's hiding inside a crate on a ship, presumably without access to his trust fund. Pretty sure his siblings won't be Western Unioning him anytime soon.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Cersei loses her shit.

cd76dba9-a2e4-4cd0-9471-b62825091f8c.gif8. Daenerys Targaryen: Dany's queening over a former slave city, which is cool. But is all this putzing around Essos distracting her from getting vengeance? IDK. Seems like Daenerys is having a quarter-life crisis. Also, her key sources of power are either locked up in the catacombs, or flying around lowkey murdering children.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Sex, perfect for avoiding the real shit you need to get done.

ef378e2513d14ed3b6efef5a77551264.gif7. Jon Snow: Jon just led the battle of his life only to have a bullish Baratheon show up and steal the glory/save him. Don't think for a minute that Stannis will let Jon have the power in this dynamic. Not that Jon would take it, anyway. Too modest (or biding his time until destiny comes to whisper "YOLO" in his ear).
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Sexual tension with Melisandre, because that's kinda her thing.

771127743410211906.gif6. Sansa Stark/Alayne: Sansa did not become a woman when she started her cycle, nor on her wedding day. She became a woman when she straight lied about her aunt's death, then dyed her hair and smirked it out like, "NBD, let's go on a road trip." The new Sansa has what it takes to play the Game of Thrones, and I hope she wins.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Endless comforting of her snot-nosed cousin.

tumblr_m1v2moe5Uo1qca6mzo1_500.gif5. Stannis Baratheon: Stannis has all the ride or dies, he's got the most legitimate claim to the throne, and he has magic on his side. He also opted out of the War of the Five Kings, but definitely plans on dethroning his nephew. Intriguing! What's the plan? I hope he knows! Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Stannis intends to enjoy the hospitality free labor at Castle Black for a hot sec.

arya-valar-morghulis-gif_470x263.gif4. Arya Stark: Arya doesn't have real power -- yet. But she's got potential for power, and that's almost as important. Whatever she learns in Braavos will no doubt serve to destroy whoever's left on her hit list.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Arya doubles down on being a badass independent woman.

game-of-thrones-cersei-eyeroll.gif 3. Cersei Lannister: The Queen Regent is powerful for now, but she's got like, negative 1,000 karma points so I wouldn't count on that lasting. Her dad's dead, her son's dead, her other son has a new lap to sit on, and her lover/brother just wants his damn hand back. It also seems the Evil Queen has finally met her Snow White in Margaery. Cersei should enjoy the fruits of her sham marriage and illegitimate children while she still can.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Cersei clings to the illusion of power, which is all she has left.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13092-1402997213-12.gif2. Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger: Littlefinger is on the come up. The Eyrie is practically his, and it finally has the potential to become more than an inactive pawn. Can you smell the raw potential? Petyr's ambition and cunning got him this far; he's not stopping now. It's no coincidence that the Eyrie towers over every other stronghold in Westeros.
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: More attempts at getting into Sansa's petticoats.

marggerytyrell.gif1. Margaery Tyrell: She's been a sort-of-queen twice already, and it's time for her to cross the finish line with Tommen. Scheming Cersei's faux-approval of the relationship is nothing short of ominous; but she shouldn't underestimate the Little Queen. She's got the down-ass Lady Olenna on her side, and the wits to out-Cersei Cersei. Besides, didn't Snow White get the guy in the end?
Vague non-spoiley season 5 prediction: Margaery continues to feast on Cersei's insecurities until there's nothing left but those frosty little fingers she likes to point at everyone.

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