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"Our Style Is Very Legendary": Migos Talk Versace, Chains and Their Cali-Grown Weed Strain

Migos' Offset, Quavo and Takeoff; photo by Diwang Valdez

When you make your name espousing one of the world's most recognizable high-fashion houses, you better be able to back it up. For Atlanta rap trio Migos -- whose 2013 breakout hit "Versace" branded these decked-out twenty-somethings as one of the hottest acts in hip-hop, and whose own clothing line, YRN, is in the works -- talk is cheap, even if it's in the dizzying triplets that define the "Migos flow." Members Quavo, Takeoff and Offset take their taste for bold prints and custom chains a notch or two beyond other gaudily draped A-Town up-and-comers like Rich Homie Quan and Trinidad James. Also setting them apart is a keen eye for accessorizing: to paraphrase a verse in "Versace," their swag, from backpacks to watches to glasses, is exquisite. Taking our call earlier this year, the trio gave us a glimpse into their accelerating lives -- and rapidly multiplying closets.

How would you define your style?

Quavo: Our fashion style is very legendary and very classic. I feel like it's different, and I feel like everybody got our own different style to bring to the table. When we all come together as one, it just make it look so unique and different, and it's something we all doing: trendsetting.

Takeoff: We like the Transformers -- we come together from different scenes.

Do you have any specific style icons that you admire, musical or otherwise?

Offset: Outkast. We listened to Guwap [aka Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane] coming up.

Quavo: We kind of like the new Outkast. They're comparing us to the Beatles. They're comparing us to legendary people. We didn't grow up listening to them but we knew of these people. We just wanted to be in that same name bracket. The people we grew up watching and listening to -- Outkast, Gucci Mane, Hot Boys, Lil Wayne, Master P -- all that type of stuff, we took those styles and made it our own.

Takeoff: We killin' 10, 12 chains on. Slick Rick style with so many chains on, they be like, "How many chains on your neck?" That's where we get that from.

How is your music reflected in your fashion sense? Or vice versa?

Quavo: We rap about our fashion so much in our music, and how we dress and how we set the trends, and how we came up. We came up talking about our swag anyways. That's what blew us up.

Where did the obsession with Versace begin?

Offset: You know Biggie and Pac, how they be wearing Versace. When we was coming up we was like, "Man, we gonna get that when we get us some money."

Why Versace over other big name fashion houses, like, say, Gucci or Prada?

It's a different feel; we got a different print. When you put it on, you just feel different. We just wanted to keep it like that.

You guys are famous for accessorizing -- watches, chains, backpacks, sunglasses. Do you have a favorite accessory that you never leave the house without?

Quavo: I can't even see without my vintage Versace frames. I don't go nowhere without them on. I can't even live without them. Every time I throw them on, I see all the haters, and I see where the money at.

Speaking of accessories, what's your current favorite strain of weed?

Takeoff: In Cali, we got the Migo Gas! We got our own strain in California, man. Migo Gas.

What makes a great chain?

Takeoff: The Migos chain, if you look at it real closely, it's got a lot of creativity in it. Quavo, he drew it up on paper and went to the jeweler and they made it. But you see Quavo, you see Takeoff, you see Offset. Everybody on there. You can see everything.

Offset, you're the only Migo who doesn't rock dreads. Why's that?

You gotta update, man. I dreaded up.

What do your closets look like? They must be packed with stuff.

Got two, three, four closets. Man, you might get lost in the closet!

Takeoff: We got our own personal [closets]. It's flooded, classic -- Givenchy, all designer brands. We got an upstairs closet, we just put everything in there. All my clothes can't fit in my old closet.

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