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Morning Funnies: Grammys Edition


Kanye almost Kanyed Beck when he beat out Beyonce for album of the year, but thought better of it. [Dlisted]
It was a heart-stopping moment. [Via Stereogum]

This is painful. [via Billboard]

Tween twitter didn't know who Beck was. Time to get serious about joining AARP. [Stereogum]

Left shark was carrying you the whole time. [BFF]

grammysprince.pngShe flies in Christmas Eve and takes the red eye back Christmas night. [@FabASSKee]

Show of our dreams. [Via Billboard]

257D402500000578-2945375-image-m-103_1423452503811.jpgIggy Azalea's braid-thing-crown-hair looked like a giant bird's nest. [DailyMail]


Pharrell shooting laser beams of NO at Taylor Swift while she danced in the audience. [Stereogum]

tumblr_njhj39BICe1s3y9slo1_500.gifIs this what you'll see every time you close your eyes for the rest of your life? Same. [Stereogum]


Never speak to Kanye West again, Ryan Seacrest. [DaveItzkoff]
 kanyetaylor.png This happened.

What would Divine think of Ariana Grande? [PattonOswalt]

#ALLDAY. [Cosmo]

tumblr_njhfjmr6bZ1r83d7lo1_540.gifThe Grammys' camera operator KILLED SIR PAUL'S VIBE while he was dancing to ELO. Way to go. [Stereogum]

tumblr_njhg5phEJQ1sx94wlo1_400.gifTaylor Swift didn't know the words to "Mr. Blue Sky," but Haim did, because they're DA BEST. [Stereogum]

AC/DC don't know the words to their song "Rock or Bust." I mean, do you? Why is this such an outrage? [Via Stereogum]

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