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The Morning Funnies: Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth Pics + Kris Humphries' Hipster Glasses

item21.size.0.0.op12b-KristenWiig-EmmaStone.jpgCute, candid pics of celebrities hamming it up in a photo booth -- like Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone above -- at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. [via Vanity Fair]

A five second clip of Jeff Goldblum laughing like a lunatic in Jurassic Park

Kris Humphries with hipster glasses. Yay or nay? [via Buzzfeed]

Bo Obama wearing bunny ears, to promote the White House Easter Egg Roll. [via People]="http:>

XOJane has created an excruciatingly sad backstory for this pathetic-looking American Apparel model. 

Little Phil Collins heads spotted at the Greenpoint Ave. G train station. [via New York Shitty]
This was supposed to be farfalle. More mess-ups at our new favorite website, Errors in Production

"Sorry I'm Such an Asshole" Balloons. [via Lost at E Minor]


Emily Gould's very helpful and amusing guide: How to Share Your Good News With Friends.  [via The Awl]

New Mad Men poster! Though you may not understand what it all means now, according to show's creator Matthew Weiner, "[It's] a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be. By the end of the season, I guarantee you'll know what it is about." Will Don Draper fall in love with a mannequin a la Lars and the Real Girl? [via The AV Club]

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