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Top Ten Twitterbots You Should Be Following

After @horse_ebooks was revealed to be human way back in 2013 we had a lot of questions, mainly: could any Twitterbot fill the horse-shaped hole in our hearts that was left behind? Maybe not, but it's always good to try! So here are our suggestions for ten Twitterbots to follow to make your feed a little less boring and a little more weird.

1. @RedScareBot

In the spirit of Joseph McCarthy this bot will respond to tweets that seem suspiciously communist. It's like following your grandfather who's suspicious of liberal politics, but without any of the weird family dynamics to worry about.

2. @CyberEveryword

A play on the now defunct @everyword Twitter account, this account is in the midst of tweeting every word in the dictionary with the word "C Y B E R" in front of it. And it's only in the C's so we have a long time to enjoy this account (also a shoutout to @ghost_things, @everypunk and @everywordisgay for following a similar pattern -- they're in our hearts, too).

3. @JustToSayBot

This bot tweets out nonsense in the form of William Carlos William's poem "This Is Just To Say."

4. @nice_tips_bot

Every once in a while the world gets overwhelming and you just need some simple advice from a computer. There's tips about ice skating, finding out if someone is cheating on you, and just general life advice tweeted out daily. It's like a little burst of sunshine when your time line is getting dark.

5. @congressedits

Have you ever wanted to know what people in Congress do in their free time? Apparently, they edit Wikipedia articles. This bot tweets every edit to any Wikipedia article from IP addresses in the US Congress. The results swing between charming and terrifying.

6. @onlymanthings

This bot needs way more love. @onlymanthings tweets out puns you'd expect your token bro friend to make when his masculinity is threatened. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

7. @TheAverageShark

While this Twitter account isn't as active as most of the others on this list, the sporadic updates of this shark are a masterpiece. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: an average shark doing average shark things.

8. @pentametron

This bot doesn't create tweets, but instead retweets them. It's programmed to retweet two random, rhyming, iambic pentameter following tweets next to each other. Their timeline is basically an extended and postmodern poem.

9. @altalien_txt

While at first glance this account looks like random phrases, it's actually the ramblings of people who posted on alien forums on the early web. What could be more beautiful than the musings of conspiracy nerds in the late 90's and early 2000's?

10. @wikisext
@wikisext is probably one of the most coherent bots you can possibly stumble upon. Merging the popular faux-sexting tweet format and Wikihow articles, it creates weirdly poetic, endearing and sometimes genuinely touching tweets.

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