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Theophilus London Plays Le Baron, Discusses the Dangers of Tweeting About Tacos

Last night, Theophilus London played a stellar, intimate gig at new NYC nightclub Le Baron as apart of the chic spot's "Encore!" concert series sponsored by Absolut and SPIN magazine. We briefly spoke to the Brooklyn-born artist after the show about over-eager fans, playing his own music when he DJs and his new track with rap's rising star, A$AP Rocky.

How'd you feel the show went? Do you like performing in a smaller venue like Le Baron?
The show was great. I was just coming off a 28 date tour and playing at big venues for like 800-1000 people, so to just come home and play a secret show felt good. I'm into clubs like that -- it was my friend Andre's idea. He's from Paris and I went to the Le Baron there, so I was fond of the idea, but I didn't want to make it a normal show.

There were some pretty die-hard TL fans in the audience: What's the most strange-yet-flattering thing an admirer of yours has done?
One time a fan stalked me, from the venue to soundcheck. People will come early, stand outside and then follow my car. One time on Twitter I said I was eating a taco in Texas, and some girl came and found me and watched me eat the taco. I gotta stop putting real shit on twitter.

You were your own DJ opener tonight, and you played some of your own cuts. Does it feel strange spinning your own music?
No, I usually play my songs when I DJ anyway, so that wasn't a rare moment in time.

You performed a new track, "Big Spender," at the show, which features ASAP Rocky. How'd that come to be?
I've been sitting on "Big Spender" for like a year- I recorded it in Australia and have been showcasing it since then.  I wasn't ready to put it out though, it was missing a special vitamin, and that vitamin was Rocky.

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