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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Most "This Sounds Like A Halloween Prank But It Isn't" Event of The Week: This Satanist organization is trying to get their coloring books in classrooms in Orange County. And the coloring book is pretty cute. Who thought that Satanism could be cute? -- Kyla Bills

Biggest Halloween Mystery Solved: The dancing pumpkin man is explained! -- K.B.

Best Assembly of Indie-rock Cover Bands: Beverly play the Pixies! Beach Fossils (+ members of Wild Nothing) play DEVO! Celestial Shore (+ members of Deerhoof) play fucking T. Rex!!! All this and more tonight, at a mysterious venue located across the street from a cemetery. -- James Rickman

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 5.04.37 PM.pngBest News For "Basic Bitches": Starbucks is going to start delivering! PSL without leaving your home, what could be better!? -- K.B.

Best Name Generator: Find a name for your nonthreatening boy band-esque Vine career with this Vine name generator! -- K.B.

Best Response to the News That Taylor Swift Has Been Named NYC's Newest Welcome Ambassador: Clayton Patterson's. The artist made a clip that mashes up footage of Swift from her recent NYCGO campaign with clips of people, art projects, and protests c. 1980s NYC. -- Abby Schreiber

Worst Response to the News That Taylor Swift Has Been Named NYC's Newest Welcome Ambassador: Le Petit Mort's. In what is surely just a bid for attention, the LES vintage boutique created a mural that features the singer and says "RIP Taylor Swift." -- A.S.

Most Flagrant Pro-Bat Propaganda: Oh, he's cute now, make no mistake: the minute Lil' Drac isn't "lil'" anymore, he will wait till you're not paying attention and fly straight into your hair. -- J.R.

Second Best Janet Jackson Tribute: While Bey's Halloween costume is the obvious winner, Blood Orange's Janet inspired performance on Kimmel definitely comes in second. The Janet Jackson ~vibez~ are so strong this week. -- K.B.

Worst -- But Most Unsurprising -- News For College Student Of America: Fireball is made with some of same ingredients as antifreeze. This explains a lot of things and is the best explanation as to why they destroy the enamel of paper cups. -- K.B.

Game-Changer of the Week: T-Pain singing without autotune = like whoa. -- A.S.

Best Demystifying of an Immortal Fixture of Adolescence: This interview with Ryan Nerz, a Sweet Valley High gho-o-o-o-ostwriter, who tells us that "it was all just stolen from my sister." Which, as it happens, is exactly what I said to my mom when she found several copies of the popular series in my pants drawer. -- J.R.

Cutest Version Of a Pivotal Movie Scene: These dogs recreating the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men. It used to be so intense but now it's just puppies everywhere! -- K.B.

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