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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

wise-7-w724.jpgMost Fashionable Bagel of the Week: This Chanel bag that turned out to be a knockoff. Obviously, Chanel doesn't do carbs. -- Gabby Bess

Finest Line Between Reality and Parody of the Week:
Today Vice tweeted "Are Zit-Squeezing Videos the New Porn?" and the line between @Vice and @Vice_Is_Hip got a little bit smaller and more confusing. -- Kyla Bills

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.28.42 PM.png

Most Exciting New Collaboration of the Week:
Pharrell x Ladurée x Colette. In honor of his upcoming concerts in Paris, Pharrell has teamed up with Colette and Ladurée to create limited-edition macaroons. Available for just one week, these treats will come in two different flavors consisting of Peanut Butter and Cola. In celebration Colette has deemed this week "Pharrell Week," and beyond being able to buy delicious treats, other goodies will also be on display such as T-shirts, jewelry, as well as Comme des Garçons' perfume. -- Emily McEnroe

734023_10151563834775820_640018684_n.jpgBest Nostalgia of the Week:
Time for a new marionette? -- Gary Pini

Grossest TMI of the Week:
Apparently, Jason Biggs peed on Chelsea Handler's face. This is something we don't think anyone wanted to know -- but now that it's out there we can only ask a resounding "Why did this need to be shared on national television?" -- KB

Paul-McCarthy-sculpture-2.jpgLeast Believable Halloween Costume of the Week:
This butt plug's. I'm not buying this Christmas tree costume for a minute. -- GB 

php7RS4uVAM.jpgMost Intriguing Mansion of the Week:
This Miami-esque pad in Mill Basin, Brooklyn of all places. -- Abby Schreiber

Most Heroic Cat of the Week:
This cat gets that ukulele covers need to stop. We support this cat. We understand this cat. -- KB

Best Presidential Gossip of the Week:
Obama's credit card was recently declined. (But before you go around thinking he was overdrawn, it was supposedly due to the fact that he "doesn't use it enough," so the bank was alerted to possible fraud.) -- AS

Angriest Clowns of the Week: The Clowns of America International. The group is very mad about the portrayal of clowns as horrible, terrifying murderers on the new season of American Horror Story. Because a group of angry clowns hanging out is a really convincing argument about how nonthreatening clowns are! -- KB

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.05.50 PM.pngPerson You Should Be Following On Twitter of the Week: Sandy Rogen, Seth Rogen's mom. -- AS

Most Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh of the Week:
This preview of Sleater Kinney's new single (their first in nine years). It's only 10 seconds, but we'll take it. --Elizabeth Thompson

Grossest Dessert Recipe From a World-Renowned Pastry Chef of the Week:
This one. Skip to about 2:20 if you like watching Italian men create mounds of Jell-O, dough and what appears to be cat food and then feed some to Ian Svenonius. Or just watch the whole thing, because it's the Eric Wareheim-directed trailer for a new cookbook by Brooks Headley, Del Posto's executive pastry chef and a former drummer in the immortal hardcore band Born Against. My faith in humankind is restored. -- James Rickman

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