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The 10 Weirdest Pieces of Merch Ever Sold By Rappers

It appears that when rappers hit a certain level of fame, they're advised that anything they stamp their name on will sell. Over the last few decades, some artists have decided to corner some very niche markets by shilling some very weird merch. From single gloves to face tattoo apps, we round up some of the most outlandish products ever sold by your favorite MCs.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.16.01 PM.png
1. Yung Lean Single Glove and Lighter

The release of Yung Lean's second album Unknown Memory also introduced some strange Sad Boys merch. Not only do you get a lighter included in the bundle but it'll also "contain one glove with the hand side (Left/Right) selected randomly." It's perfect for that sad, one-handed smoker in your life.

pink wig.jpg

2. Nicki Minaj Pink Wig

While Nicki is currently known for her... other attributes, originally she was famous for her crazy outfits, including this pink wig, which has seen more red carpets than the average age of a One Direction member.


3. Wu Tang Clan 20th Anniversary Limited-Edition Nunchucks

For the 20th anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan's first album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) they collabed with street style brand Rocksmith to create a capsule collection. While Wu-Tang was influenced by old kung fu movies, it's a bit up in the air what exactly you're supposed to use the nunchucks for. Just try not to hit yourself in the face.

2010-10-08-waka.jpg4. Waka Flocka Flame Mask

For Halloween 2010 Waka Flocka fans everywhere rejoiced as a $5.99 paper mask of the rapper's face was made available to support his Flockaveli album. It was the perfect costume for anyone who wanted to be dead eyed and neck tattooed for Halloween.

snoop-dogg-slipper-purple-velvet-house-shoes.jpg5. Snoop Dogg Slippers

Before his stint as Snoop Lion, the rapper started releasing branded slippers that are still available to purchase. It's probably the epitome of Snoop Dogg stoner-chic fashion -- what's better than rapping and smoking with comfy feet covered in purple velvet?

cups.jpg6. Juicy J Styrofoam Cup

With songs like "Codeine Cups" and a guest spot on "Double Cup," it's no surprise that Juicy J's merch continues the cup theme.

EMAM10_large.jpeg7. Eminem Pins

In a classic case of Eminem-has-no-idea-who-his-audience-is his merch includes enamel pins. The bros who listen to his music are very confused what you're supposed to do with an enamel pin.   

igy_ja_fan01_copy.png8. Iggy Azalea Cloth Fan

Iggy Azalea currently sells cloth fans printed with the cover art of her album The New Classic. This means that a bunch of Iggy Azalea fans have Iggy Azalea fans. 

6046198601_aa1c724ce2.jpg9. Big Pun Condoms

To support his 1998 album Capital Punishment, Big Pun released his own line of condoms. Why he thought people would use condoms stamped with 'Big Pun' is still a mystery.

Screenshot2011-03-11at12233PM-1.png10. Gucci Mane Face Tattoo App 

In a serious fit of self-awareness Gucci Mane released his own app that lets fans get a face tattoo without a lifetime of repercussions. Can't say the same for Gucci. 

02231138.jpgHonorable Mention: Drake Lint Rollers

After being caught lint rolling his pants during a basketball game earlier this year, the Toronto Raptors began handing out Drake branded lint rollers at their home games. Fans everywhere nodded and said "Yeah, that sounds like Drake." 

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