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10 Things That Make Dolly Parton Happy

Photo copyright Slick Lawson. Courtesy of Sony Music

Country music legend Dolly Parton has plenty to be happy about these days. Her performance at the Glastonbury Festival this past summer knocked the kids' socks off, and her 42nd album, Blue Smoke, is the highest-charting record of her career. In our new column, "Happy Endings," the buxom blonde legend lists 10 things that always put a smile on her pretty, well-painted face.

1. God
Throughout my lifetime God has been my ultimate source of happiness and I consider my time spent with him the highlight of my day.

2. Music
Music has always been something from deep inside of me that I had to get out and share with the world. Writing, playing and singing have been the largest source of happiness in my life.

3. My husband
Carl has been making me laugh since the day I met him in 1964. There is not a funnier person on the planet and just the thought of him makes me happy.

4. Family
Everyone knows I come from a huge family and in my family there is always someone entertaining. Being with any one of them makes me happy.

5. Dreaming
Dreaming makes me happy. I wake up with new dreams every day and I am energized by the new creativity they instill in me.

6. Children
Since I never had kids of my own, I have always felt that all children were mine. There is no other happiness like the happiness children bring you, whether they are yours or not.

7. Reading
Reading is an all-encompassing happiness because it can take you anywhere. I read daily. It brings me joy and peace.

8. Working
I am a workhorse, just like my daddy. I take great pride in working hard. I get a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction and happiness from a job well done.

9. Food
I have had a love affair with food my entire life. Southern cooking makes me really happy.

10. Fans
Everything I am, everything I have and everything I will do is somehow influenced by my fans. I will forever be grateful to every person who has supported me. Feeling that love from them fills me and makes me truly happy.

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