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Photographer Diggy Lloyd Takes Us to Cabo Polonio

Papermag photographer Diggy Lloyd was recently in South America, traveling to Colombia, Buenos Aries and Uruguay. Here, she shares photos and a little diary entry about her favorite place she visited -- a tiny Uruguayan hamlet called Cabo Polonio that's surrounded by sand dunes and lit entirely by candles at night. Sounds lovely. Take it away Diggy!

Cabo Polonio is an extremely small beach town with a year-round population of 30 people. There is no running water, and, with the exception of the light house, the town has no electricity. Every house has a water tank that is filled with water brought in from a lake two hours away. When the sun sets around 9:30 p.m., everything is illuminated by candles. January is the height of summer, and is also the busy tourist season, attracting lots of people from Argentina and other parts of Uruguay. Cabo is located on a small tip of land that is surrounded by the Atlantic on either side. The beaches are surrounded by huge sand dunes! When you stand on top of the dunes, you feel like you're on the edge of the earth. Cabo also has the largest population of sea lions (more sea lions then people). I went under the impression that I would only stay for a weekend, but I ended up staying for 10 days. I'm in love. 
 dll-24.jpg The truck ride to the center of town dll-23.jpg The center of town- The grocery store and bus station (all in one!) Typical Houses in Cabo

dll-3.jpg dll-4.jpg dll-5.jpg Sunset walk through the dunes.
 dll-6.jpg dll-7.jpg A house built in the dunes.
 dll-8.jpg The horse I named England...
 dll-9.jpg Walking up the hill...
 dll-10.jpg The town of Cabo Polonio
 dll-12.jpg We rented a room from a man named Marcelo who spends his summers in Cabo, and the rest of his time in Italy making documentary films. This is his house.

 dll-11.jpg View from my room at Marcelo's.
 dll-13.jpg dll-14.jpg dll-19.jpg dll-20.jpg dll-22.jpg Cabo Polonio Lighthouse.
 dll-15.jpg dll-16.jpg dll-17.jpg Houses on the coast.
 dll-18.jpg Accommodations by the Lighthouse.
 dll-2.jpg A view of the town.
The best place on earth...Cabo Polonio!

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