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The 12 Nicest Celebrities

Celebrities aren't all horror stories doing a daily doom march to TMZ. Some of them are absolutely delightful, in fact. Here are 10 that I've really enjoyed getting to know -- albeit on a totally superficial level.

1. Charlize Theron

Meeting the Oscar winner at a press event, I was taken by her charm, her casualness, her friendliness. And imagine if I was straight!

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw forever, she's struck me as a strong-willed pro who hits all her marks, gives the right answers, and does a creditable job of being an old-school-style star. Bette Davis would have approved.

3. Daniel Radcliffe

You sit down with the ex Harry Potter star and he breathlessly knocks out answers to your interview questions in a way that's witty, engaging, and injects self deprecating humor too. He should start a school for this. It's magical.

4. Cheyenne Jackson

The Broadway regular is personable and appealing, making himself accessible and easy to get along with. Same for Michael Urie. It's not easy being a professional actor with range as well as a savvy media handler, but these two guys pull it off with elan.

5. Ellen Barkin

She's smart and knows all the press people and what makes them tick. She has a steely wit and is comfortable with making herself more friendly than the average celeb. You get the feeling that if not for the press/celeb divide, you'd be friends and go bowling together.

6. Vanessa Williams

Through her career ups and downs (which have mainly included ups), Vanessa keeps track of who the media people are and how to make them feel wanted. She's a delight.

7. Julianne Moore

A regular gal who just happens to be a superstar, Julianne is loyal to her downtown roots and is way friendly to talk to, she pretending she's not a huge icon while you're pinching yourself and going "I'm talking to Julianne Moore!"

8. Harvey Weinstein

"Savvy" can't begin to describe this man and the way he keeps tabs on power people and validates them with a hello.

9. Liza Minnelli

She's nice! She thinks everyone is her best friend, and if she meets someone new, they're her new best friend. At one event, Liza's publicist was summoning me to talk to her, and I was so flummoxed I didn't even go there! I got nervous--plus I know she'll always be there for me. No, really!

10. Courtney Love

She finds you at a party and entertains you with a stream of surrealness that goes by too quickly, though it lasts a long time. Then you ask for an interview and her people decline. Ah, celebrity.

11. Patti Labelle

Patti remembers everything--and everyone--and always has time to acknowledge the people she met along the way. Like little old bitch, me! When she named me from a Broadway stage as being a VIP in the audience a few years ago, I nearly plotzed right then and there.

12. Vera Farmiga

This offbeat actress is a fine talent who's been nominated for a host of things from Up in the Air to Bates Motel. In person, she looks you right in the eye, telling you kind truths and coming off like some kind of earthly deity of the arts.

Also, thanks to Paper interviews and/or events, I've gotten to shmooze cuties like Rihanna, Beth Ditto, Fergie, and Ciara--all absolutely swell and a half. Thank you, Paper, for enabling the nice celebs out there and for helping us realize there are some.

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