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"It Turned Into a House Party That Went Until 7am": Natalia Kills Shares Her NYFW Party Diary

Pop singer and fashion plate Natalia Kills takes us through her busy NYFW schedule, which included balancing recording sessions with glamorous parties at the Plaza Hotel, trips to Subway with late-night after-parties.


"On Thursday I went to a Style.com dinner in a garden somewhere. They had a fountain with Earl Grey-flavored vodka and a singer in the middle performing. My friends Mia Moretti and Margot from The Dolls were there along with the Brant brothers. I wore an Agent Provacteur dress and slippers and I had a crystal headpiece that I had made actually for my wedding.

The party reminded me of Madonna's birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago. She had rented a castle in Cannes and redecorated the ballroom and the outside in a 1920s theme with hanging lanterns and cascading drapes and had a band that was suited in '20s/'30s Deco-style outfits playing Josephine Baker tributes.

Mia and I spent the night chatting about things like those unmentionable boys to avoid, drugs to indulge in, the fashion faux pas from the seasons before. It was a vegan menu from Fat Radish but there was a lot more alcohol than there was food. It's never a fantastic idea to drink lots of things out of champagne glasses and not eat enough food -- it leads you to make awful decisions later on."

"After the dinner, I texted my husband, Willy Moon, 'let's go out!' and we went to The Standard and our friend Alex [Catarinella] joined us. Then I went home and passed out on my sofa."


photo 4.jpg
"I was in the recording studio all day long but then I realized I had to go to Harper's Bazaar's 'Icons' party and it was the most lavish, decadent party of the year so I showed up in one of those dreadful cars -- those big Escalades with way too much air conditioning and they have 112 iPhone chargers and everything I wish never existed in modern chauffeuring. When I got to the Plaza where the party was being held, there were screaming fans behind the barriers. There were so many 'names' that fans expected that they could get an autograph from someone like Lady Gaga or Donatella Versace. Some fans were even running down the street singing my song 'Wonderland' at me. I got a little freaked out because I couldn't run away because I was wearing this really heavy Jenny Packham gown that practically weighed 60lbs. So I ended up just standing there."

photo 7.jpg
"The party was really beautiful. I'm not much of a vodka drinker and I think Belvedere covered the night. I spent a lot of time in Russia on tour so I should've learned how to drink vodka by now.

I wore these Agent Provacteur white fluffy slippers that are not supposed to leave the bedroom but I've thrown out all my other shoes and am only wearing those now. They're the type of shoes you have to walk in very, very slowly. I saw a lot of my friends there and I had to walk in slow motion to go and hug them, which made it seem like I was unenthusiastic but I wasn't.

I suppose I missed out on [Gaga's] performance. If I knew it was going on, I would've gone back into the other room to see it. After the party I went home as quickly as possible to change into something more comfortable because I felt like I was doing a workout all night."


"On Saturday morning before the Prabal Gurung show, I was moping on the corner of my street in the West Village because the Uber hadn't arrived. Eventually I gave up and took a taxi about one minute before the show was supposed to have started. But Prabal's shows are always politely late because I think they know people make an effort and take their time doing their hair and makeup because it's such a fabulous show."

"I wore a dress from the '60s that was customized by a dressmaker named Ann Hamilton who's absolutely fantastic. She does vintage and bridal. I don't know what my obsession is -- maybe because I recently got married -- but I feel most comfortable and beautiful in lounge-y or decadent beaded, bridal-looking dresses. So my dressmaker had this gorgeous dress from the '60s and re-tailored the whole thing and added new details. It's raw silk with fringed bead on top. I also had a lucite coffin purse with artificial flowers in it."

"After the show, I was headed to lunch at the Standard Grill but as I was walking, I saw Mia in a Subway right near Penn Station. I was like, 'What are you doing here?' She said, 'It's a hundred million degrees outside and I came in to get some ice and they said I had to buy a soda if I wanted ice.' So the two of us sat in Subway dressed to the nines and looked completely out of our minds."

DSCF0301.jpg"I live in the West Village and so I went back there to get ready for Prabal's after-party."

"I ended up putting on an Oscar de la Rente champagned nightgown with black lace and a turban."

"Here's my husband looking unimpressed in the car because I took a picture of him without his permission."

"Later at the party I grabbed his crotch and he was equally unimpressed."

"Prabal asked me what I thought of the show and I told him I really liked it and loved the choreography especially."

photo 3.JPG
"After the party, my friends, husband and I all got pizza from this cute place near my house on Bleecker. I forget what it's called. Some friends and neighbors decided to call in and it turned into a house party with beer and pizza that went until 7am."


DSCF0441.jpg"On Sunday I was really upset because I missed the Opening Ceremony show. I was in the studio all day and missed it by a few minutes. But my husband and I went to the after-party, which was great. I wore this bondage/dominatrix/Cinderella princess outfit: a plastic/PVC baby pink skirt and satin baby pink bralette. There were all these pink LED lights reflecting in a mirror so it looked like an infinity of pink."

"DJ Mustard was DJing the party and playing a lot of hip-hop. My friends and me and my husband were getting really nasty on the dancefloor. We wound up staying at the party all night -- by the time I got home and started brushing my hair out and taking out all the pins, the sun was rising."

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