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Rodarte at Skywalker Ranch

Diehard Star Wars fans, Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy brought dresses from their gorgeous Fall 2014 collection -- inspired by the sci-fi classic -- to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch where they met up with Yoda, C3PO and the gang for a shoot that is out of this world.

This past spring we fell in love with the Star Wars-inspired dresses Kate and Laura Mulleavy sent down the runway for their Rodarte Fall 2014 show and got to thinking: What if we shot the dresses alongside characters from Star Wars? One thing led to another and the sisters ended up with their friend and collaborator, photographer Todd Cole, George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. The results, as you can seem were pure magic. Here, the Mulleavy sisters tell us a little about why the Star Wars films are so special to them.

We don't remember a time when we hadn't seen Star Wars. We were born after the films came out, but they seem to be a part of our growing up, from all ages. We were drawn to the mythology behind the films, to the characters and the ways in which they were crafted. In later years, we were able to see the beauty of the films --  the landscapes and craftsmanship required to make the films so complete and whole. Every detail of the world created for Star Wars was thought out and brought to life as if it were real.
Our Fall 2014 collection was inspired by our nostalgia for our childhood, delving into the ephemeral space of our imagination, highlighting our fascination with storytelling and cinema, which culminated with the inclusion of artwork from Star Wars in the five couture gowns ending the collection. More than anything, this collection is about the limitless possibilities of youth and how our imagination transformed our backyard into a great adventure. In the end, the dresses represent something intangible -- the instantaneous and overwhelming moment of impact that changes the way you see the world. They represent the instant where you learn to keep your eyes wide-open to the vast potentiality of everything.

The Star Wars films seem to have become a part of who we are. In a broader sense, they have melded with the collective conscious of our cultural DNA. They are a heartbeat that joins so many people together or a complex nervous system, connecting far off worlds with the very real and universal human experience. On top of all of this, the films of the saga are, simply put, fun -- just like jumping into the ocean, one's first kiss, or seeing the stars on a clear night.

With special thanks to George Lucas.

Hair by Nikki Providence, makeup by Tsipporah Liebman for Nars Cosmetics, nails by Tsipporah Liebman for Sally Hansen, styled by Ashley Furnival, modeled by Ali Michael at IMG Models.

Photography assistants: Charles Grauke first, Mike Lopez second. Digital tech: Alex Aristei.

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