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10 New Indie Books and Zines That We Love Right Now

1. Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book by Various

Snake Eyes Cover.jpgUncage Nicolas by Jack Bailey.jpeg
The Nicolas Cage book of our nightmares dreams is finally a reality. Only with your help can Nicolas become uncaged, get dressed, and hit on illustrated women. The book features work by Ed Cheverton, Donya Todd, Dazeray, Dan Woodger, Laura Callaghan, and more. It's all great fun and possibly Nic Cage's best role yet. You can buy it from Haunt Me Studio, here.

2. Texts From My Mom by Christie Ann Reynolds

tfmm-gif-01.gifTexts From My Mom is a book of poems that are comprised of actual text messages from the author's mother. The book is a funny and touching portrait of adult daughterhood as the author's mom warns about the dangerous nature of laptops and brings up high school ex-boyfriends and grandkids at the worst times. If your mom doesn't already text you way too much, you can by Texts From My Mom here.

3. That's Not Relevant by Isaiah Toothtaker

That's Not Relevant is possibly the first all-emoji art book. In the book, emojis get the hip-hop makeover that we didn't even know they needed. Hopefully the Drake emoji, pictured above, becomes a real thing ASAP. For now, buy That's Not Relevant from Spork Press, here.

4. Why Fi by Ana Carette

tumblr_n83i22U3hz1qzu4k2o1_1280.jpgAna Carrete's Why Fi is possibly the funniest zine that we've read in a while. A line from a poem titled "Tweet Drafts 1" reads, "performance art piece where you constantly look expensive but you're a broke ass bitch." We definitely know that feel. In addition to tweets, Carrete reflects on feminism, mermaids, the Internet and Britney Spears' head shaving moment. Buy Why Fi here.

5. Matt Meets Vik by Timothy Willis Sanders

Timothy Willis Sanders' debut novel brings the mundane to life and mashes up "considerations of communication, food, existence, pornography, fast food, drugs, the internet, art, money." Matt meets Vik chronicles the lifespan of a relationship and loneliness with humorous observations along the way. Buy Matt Meets Vik here.

6. I Am Here by Ashley Opheim

I Am Here is your mystical aura reading on the go. It's also an excellent poetry book that attempts to reconcile the spiritual with the digital. By I Am Here from Metatron Press, here.

7. The Billy Joel Book by Dust Art Collective

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.05.54 PM.pngWe're pretty sure that all the Billy Joel references since the millennium could be counted on one hand. There was that one time in The Office and uh, this zine. We're just glad Billy Joel is finally getting the artistic recognition he deserves. Buy The Billy Joel Book here.

8. Cunny Poem Vol. 1 by Bunny Rogers

bunny-poem.jpgArtist Bunny Rogers turned her Tumblr blog into an art book for Cunny Poem Vol. 1. The beautiful collection is more of an art piece than book but each poem is cuttingly crafted around themes of youth, loneliness, and the condition of girlhood. Buy Cunny Poem from Printed Matter, here.

9. Mala by Monica McClure

mala-web-cover.pngMonica McClure's poetry collection embraces the chiflada: the girly, the messy, and the crazy. In Mala McClure explores her Latina femininity and heritage. The result is touching and vulnerable but also empowering. 

10. Pity the Animal by Chelsea Hodson

Pity the Animal is a long essay about what the body can endure. It "explores the concept of human submission and commodification by way of window displays, wild animals, performance art, and sugar daddy dating websites." Buy Pity the Animal from Future Tense Books, here.

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