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10 Alt Comic Illustrators You Should be Following on Tumblr

If your comic book knowledge doesn't go beyond Chris Pratt's newly defined abs in Guardians of the Galaxy don't worry. We're here to help. With styles ranging from hilariously absurd to beautiful watercolor panels, here's 10 of our favorite illustrators that will turn your Tumblr feed into the perfect comic strip.

1. Simon Hanselmann

tumblr_nautp5aLMr1ru22woo1_1280.jpgAustralian illustrator, Simon Hanselmann is best known for his comic book characters Megg, a depressed witch, and Mogg, her best friend/black cat. They're both huge stoners. Hanselmann's comics can get dark and existential but he's definitely got a wonderfully weird sense of humor. Like, check out this Drake owl.

2. Ellie Andrews

Ellie Andrews blends her classic style of hand-drawn comics with clean lines and geometric shapes. We love the t-shirts that she designed for ASOS and are big fans off her attention to (butt) detail.

3. Will Laren

tumblr_n8cj7rsDzi1rofn59o1_500.jpgWill Laren is known for his hilarious monster comic series. With his offbeat sense of humor, it's hard to tell what the punchline will be.

4. Ben Marcus

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.23.47 PM.pngChicago-based artist, Ben Marcus makes comics that feel inspired by all things trippy, alien, and David Bowie.

5. Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch's comics are minimal watercolor landscapes and abstract vignettes. But even without a narrative, it's easy to get lost in the worlds that Koch creates.

6. Nicole Genelli

tumblr_n1z5ak5mfo1sgqpwno1_r1_1280.pngNicole Ginelli's comics are hybrids of Duggie Field's future aesthetic and nail salon art. We love her use of bright colors, graphic vectors, and 80's inspo.

7. Laura Callaghan

tumblr_napz94dGGx1rcby08o1_1280.jpgLondon-based illustrator Laura Callaghan draws girls that love Wuthering Heights and Frida Kahlo. If they weren't just illustrations, you would want to be BFFs with them. Callaghan's latest comic, First Date -- that recounts the hilarious horrors of online dating -- is a must read.

8. HTML Flowers

Grant Gronewold, aka HTML Flowers, has such a great acid-trip, sketch book style. His Tumblr serves as an invitation into his secret world full of magic and flowers.

9. Sarah McNeil
il_570xN.623627362_ndi5.jpgSarah McNeil's illustrations are charmingly twee. Her Tumblr, "Secret Pretty Things" is a pastel dreamland. We love her zine Plant Feelings because plants are people too.

Ginette Lapalme's Tumblr is a colorful and crafty haven. In Lapalme's world, everything is small, cute, and has eyes. We'd love to live there permanently.

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