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You Could Audition for "True Life: I Hate My Butt" and Other Ridiculous MTV Casting Calls

"Does your booty cause trouble with your relationships? Are you tired of having your rear control your life?" If so, you might be the perfect subject for MTV's upcoming True Life episode, "I Hate My Butt."

It's safe to say that MTV's True Life has gotten completely out of control. Since its premiere in 1998 the stories have only gotten weirder. There's hundreds of parody gifs of the series on Tumblr and often it's hard to distinguish between the real thing and its satire.

Now there's no doubt that a lot of people have legitimate body issues -- due to unrealistic standards and Jen Selter's Instagram -- but the True Life casting calls, like the show itself, fall way short of poignant social critique. They're cloying and exploitative -- not to mention hilarious.

And MTV isn't only interested in your butt self-hatred. Future True Life episodes include "True Life: I'm Being Slut-Shamed" and "True Life: My Parents Like Their Weed." The MTV execs would also love it if you were cripplingly addicted to any of the following:

Are you addicted to hooking up with people you meet online?

Are you addicted to pop culture?

Do you have a strange addiction?

Are you addicted to social media and constantly have a sense of "FOMO?"

Do you have a very WEIRD eating addiction?

Do you have an UNUSUAL drug addiction?

But don't worry, if you don't hate yourself/your body and you wouldn't describe your mild addiction to Twitter as WEIRD or UNUSUAL, MTV fame is still well within your reach. You just have to answer this one crucial question correctly:

Are you training or taking courses to solve mysteries as a private investigator?

If so, MTV wants YOU.

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