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Jeremy Lin: The 12 Facts Everyone Should Know About the Basketball Breakout Star

Just because we've been caught up with Fashion Week lately, doesn't mean PAPERMAG has been immune to LINSANITY. While much has been made about Jeremy Lin's awesome hoops skills, his Harvard background, his "come out of nowhere-ness" and his Christianity, we wanted to find out what he's really like. As a dude. You know, just a normal guy. So whether you're a sports fan or you haven't caught a basketball game since Michael Jordan's Three-Peat Repeat, here are the 12 Facts Everyone Should Know About Jeremy Lin:

1) He has an awesomely nerdy and, apparently, religious handshake with teammate Landry Fields (Stanford '10, Paper Beautiful Person '11). Here's how they do it:

1. The two slap alternate hands
2. Both put their reading glasses on
3. Fields makes his hands into an open bible
4. Lin leafs through the pages
5. Both take their glasses off
6. Both put their glasses in their pocket protectors
7. Both tighten their ties
8. Both point to God

2) He's decent at coloring in coloring books... (Bonus: His niece is so cute!)

jeremy_lin_coloringbook.pngPhoto via Facebook

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 12.50.30 PM.pngPhoto via Facebook

3) But he's really good at planking (Kids: Don't try this at home!)

JeremyLin planking.pngPhotos via Facebook

4) He has a penchant for playing Halo on xbox and Words With Friends during his down time.

5) But still makes time for some mahjong with his parents.

Jeremy Lin mah jong.png6) When it comes to music, he prefers Christian artists like rapper Lecrae and rock band Hillsong.


7) He's not much of a foodie as evidenced by a preference for fast food -- but at least it's good fast food like Fatburger, Chipotle and In-N-Out Burger. (Sorry New York: the Palo Alto native still prefers In-n-Out burgers over Shake Shack).

jeremylin food 1.pngjeremylin food 2.png
jeremy lin food 3.png
8) He's pretty funny (see tweets below) and can plausibly Do the Dougie.

jeremy lin funny1.png
jeremylin funny2.png
9) LIN-sanity has inspired restaurants to name menu items after him like "Lintinis," "Jeremy Lin-Mint" shakes at Shake Shack (sorry Danny Meyer, see #7) and "Lin Burgers"...

jeremy lin mint shake.png10) But it's also made fellow NBA players talk like they're from Mean Girls as seen by some unsolicited clothing advice from Metta World Peace (née Ron Artest).

"He's the type of guy who should wear leather pants, some nice shoes, and change his fashion," World Peace said. "We think he needs a better haircut...You're in New York, the fashion capital. Change your haircut, OK?" 

Yo World Peace--before drinking the haterade, why don't you change your name?  Change it back, that is.

Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 1.39.02 PM.png
11) He has an adorable grandmother who recently shared all of his embarrassing baby photos to the world. The. World. Also, like many grandmas, she doesn't really understand what her grandson does...but she's sure proud of him anyway!

jeremy lin baby photo.png

12) And...gasp, Jeremy Lin's dream school was Stanford, not Harvard. And, if the video's to be believed, teammate Landry's alma mater rejected him. (Go to 3:07)

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