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Everything You Need To Know About Nicole Richie's Return To Reality TV

It's hard to believe that it has been a full ten years since we communed around our television sets to witness Nicole Richie say things like this:

tumblr_n8tw9fJOk01r64jv8o1_r1_500.gifAlthough now we'll probably be tuning in from our laptops, our May cover girl is back with a new reality show on VH1. Derived from her AOL Web series of the same name, Candidly Nicole is inspired by Nicole Richie's honest and frequently hilarious twitter feed. And like The Simple Life -- Richie's first foray into reality TV stardom with her former bestie and current baffling pop star Paris Hilton -- "it's a tongue firmly planted in cheek, very fun type of show," she told The Associated Press. "I'm definitely the butt of the joke in this one, too, and that is a space I'm comfortable in."

But this time she's in full control as a producer on the show. We won't be seeing her husband, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, or their kids. But among other celebrity guests, Richie notes in her classic deadpan, that the show will feature "my dad... because he's desperate and a celebrity and cannot stay away from the camera."

Basically, Richie is taking on the ups and downs of modern life while leaving Tumblr .gifs in her wake. In tonight's premiere, our heroine attempts to online date and learn how to parallel park. Now this sounds completely uneventful but coming from the woman who once tweeted, "I would rather get a colonic in front of everyone, than parallel park in front of anyone," it should get interesting.

If The Simple Life nostalgia alone isn't enough of a reason to watch tonight's premiere, here's some of our favorite Nicole Richie-isms to remind you of why the reality TV star and House of Harlow designer is so crucial.

tumblr_n7y0kyNjES1qjs7cno1_500.gif(image via tumblr)

Nicole gives us permission to wear our inner divas on our sleeves. Stylishly, of course.

tumblr_n8v708ol5F1rfduvxo1_500-1.gif(image via tumblr)

We feel you, girl.

tumblr_n8tvxkzZsY1qcj7k0o1_500.png(image via tumblr)
To be fair, you probably are.

tumblr_n8pxck15di1ql5yr7o1_500.gif(image via tumblr)

Nicole teaches us that flattering selfies with friends are sometimes hard, but always rewarding.

tumblr_n5nny52RXd1qeeod1o1_500.pngElegant, dope, candidly Nicole.

Candidly NicoleĀ debuts on VH1 tonight, July 17 at 10pm.

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