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Happy National Nude Day! Let's Get Naked!

1. 'Let's Get Naked' Tote Bag via CafePress

There is no better time than 'National Nude Day' to rip off that banana peel and get nekked!
$(KGrHqF,!lsE+F+tr)9iBQDb(U2Nbg~~60_57.JPG2. 'Zero to Naked' Apron via eBay

Let's all laugh about how real this is so we don't cry about how real this is.

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 4.53.55 PM.png
3. 'Keep Calm and Party Naked' T-Shirt via California Republic Clothes

Party in style.
lets_get_naked_throw_pillow.jpg4. 'Let's Get Naked' Pillowcase via Cafe Press

We imagine having this pillow on your bed will either entice or repel lovers...

il_fullxfull.603623404_b2b1.jpg5. 'Get Naked' Coffee Mug via Bonanza

It's like 'Got Milk' but way way better.

il_570xN.625329508_326z.jpg6. 'Naked' Dish Towel via Etsy

Now you can both cook and clean with all things naked!
nudes_splashing_shower_curtain.jpg7. 'Nude' Shower Curtain via Cafe Press

What better way to shower than alongside these naked babes!

il_570xN.543460002_bvj6.jpg8. 'Let's Get Naked' Card via Etsy

Let's just hope that you get this from someone you actually like...

9. 'Romance! Is Overrated... Let's Get Naked' Poster via eBay

Amen to that.
10. 'I Want You To Get Naked!' Decal via Cafe Press

So you get the point. Go celebrate Monday being over by getting naked and letting your freak flag fly!

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