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This Boy Was the Real Star of the World Cup


This poor kid. He just wants his team to win and his dad to STAY OUT OF HIS LIFE, GOD. [ImWithKanye[


Even the ref during yesterday's WorldCupFinal was hot. Here he is seeing himself on the jumbotron and fixing his hair. [IanHyland]

tumblr_n8o562bYlB1qanm80o1_500.jpgOur favorite moment of the world cup...Just gonna add this Kathy Geiss GIF to make it complete...


BsdDFwCIAAAUbb_.jpgArgentina may have lost, but their players won the internet: Specifically, forward Rodrigo Palacio, whose hot/gross rat tail now has Miley Cyrus swinging from it. [@RelatableQuote]

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.13.46 AM.pngOh, and this happened. [Bryanboy's Instagram]

4qPkVTu.pngThe sad blondes of the World Cup. [Reddit]

HOW are we just now finding out about the bird-written pro-bird-rights Twitter account BrirdsRightsActivist? Fight the bird fight. [LaughterKey]

Papermag book club's next read! [Mlkshk]

Silicon Valley;s TJ Miller was on an Omaha morning show promoting his standup tour and shit got real weird. [LaughterKey]

ZPRU.jpgJust thinkin' about hating Mondays. [Mlkshk]

Finally, happy Bastille day from two hot french people being hot.

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