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10 Underdog Summer Jams You Should Have on Repeat

tumblr_mic718Pmes1rheqhwo1_400.gifAround this time of year, it's easy to grow tired of the summer anthems that have monopolized radio for the past months. Although it may seem unfathomable now, there will come a time when you can no longer scream the chorus of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" with the same vim, nor pop it to Ariana Grande's "Problem" with as much vigor. Your ears are likely craving some fresh, warm-weather jams, so we've compiled a list of our favorite uncharted pop gems, each built for an afternoon of drinking and sunbathing by the beach.


1. "Too Cool To Dance" - Eden XO

You may recognize Eden XO as the Los Angeles pop star Jessie and the Toy Boys, who opened for Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, but after some soul searching, she's back with a new name and completely revamped sound. "Too Cool To Dance" begins with a rough guitar-driven edge and spills into a shamelessly '80s dance chorus. The music video is cute, too, featuring clips from Nagi Noda's weird-ass Panasonic poodle fitness commercial.


2. "Every Little Word" - MNEK

"Do you fuck to this shit," asks 19-year-old British singer-songwriter MNEK above a pounding house beat, before unleashing his smooth, soulful vocals on "Every Little Word." Maybe it's his Kid N Play fade that leaves us wanting more, or the track's effortless inclusion of gospel, electronic and hip-hop elements, but either way, MNEK's infectious sound is begging to be blasted during a hot July weekend away.


3. "Heartbreak Dream" - Betty Who

Betty Who's been an artist on the rise for a while now now, having garnered lots of attention after providing the soundtrack to that viral Home Depot flash mob proposal last September. "Heartbreak Dream" is the lead single off Who's Slow Dancing EP -- her first release since signing with RCA Records -- and it's a powerfully optimistic break-up anthem, exploding with drums and glistening synthesizers.

4. "All Of The People" - Panama Wedding

Though Panama Wedding was formed in New York, their airy sounds like it was born out of a faraway island, where skyscrapers and subways are replaced with endless sand and sunshine. "All Of The People" soars with fluttering vocals and a bright piano melody, while frontman Peter Kirk sings about escaping the concrete. We can relate.

5. "California" - Amelia Lily

There's something so genius about English X-Factor contestant Amelia Lily's solution to rhyming "California" with "London City" in her first official release since signing with East West Records. "California" has a tinge of Alanis Morissette alterna-pop (we're getting some Shania vibes too) and refreshingly abandons all EDM trends dominating Top 40, today. This is could be a big song for Lily if the world catches on.


6. "Prime" - Allie X

Although we first introduced you to Canadian rebel Allie X with her glitchy music video for "Bitch" earlier this week, her strongest release came a few months earlier. "Forget what I need, give me what I want, and I should be fine," she proclaims on the synth-heavy, staccato track "Prime." Everything about this girl is alluring , down to the video treatment, which features X spinning repeatedly before a vanity for four-minutes straight.


7. "Fiona Coyne" - Saint Pepsi

Saint Pepsi's latest single "Fiona Coyne" emits such good vibes, it sounds like the sonic embodiment of skipping down a neighborhood sidewalk on a 90-degree summer day with a dripping ice cream cone in-hand -- maybe two. "Darling, please believe me -- I'll love you 'til the record stops," he lightly coos above sunny guitars and vivid, feel-good horns.


8. "Young Love" - Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons has been coming back full-force with the release of their third album Aviation, going a bit more pop than their signature hard-edged, glam-rock sound. While they've been heavily promoting lead single "Aviation High," the real gem off this album is "Young Love," a nostalgic track flooded with sharp guitars and wobbling synthesizers. "Fake ID's in downtown bars, going home singing songs in our best friend's car," sings lead singer Justin Tranter, taking us through his early memories without becoming sodden with any musical clichés.


9. "Lemonade" - Danity Kane ft. Tyga

MTV's Making the Band made Danity Kane a chart-topping success, but after a messy breakup and rocky solo careers, the group's reunion has been far from on-fire. "Lemonade," however, isn't deserving of such a blasé response, featuring a spot from Tyga and a clever sample of Clipse's 2002 hit "Grindin.'"


10. "If I Go" - Ella Eyre

Definitely this summer's unsung break-up anthem for fleeting flings, British singer Ella Eyre's debut single "If I Go" begs the question of what happens once the summer ends and two lovers part ways. Eyre's raw, smoky voice is paired with intense, aggressive production, resulting in what sounds like a club-ready Adele anthem.

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