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Boob Fashion: Top 10 Items Any #FreeTheNipple Activist Will Love

1. 'The Boob Tote' by Gravel and Gold
Keep on 'Free(ing) the Nipple' with this handprinted and handsewn tote.

blue_tits_1024x1024.jpg2. ' Blue Tits Print Punk T-Shirt' by The Pirates
These online pirates' mantra is "you're an individual, so adorn yourself accordingly." So why not adorn yourself accordingly with blue boobs?

il_570xN.255899162.jpg3. Ceramic 'Boob Mug' via Etsy
It's safe to say that the first thing that many babies put in their mouths in the morning is a female breast. Feeling left out? Now you don't have to.

$_57.JPG4. 'Donut Look at My Boobs T-Shirt' via eBay
Wanna have a Mean Girls moment? Instead of wearing a white T-shirt with cutouts showing your purple bra, you can rock donuts instead!

il_570xN.322109394.jpg5. 'Crochet Baby Boobie Beanie' via Etsy
A hand-crocheted, breast-shaped feeding cap for your baby. You had us at crocheted.


6. 'Sweet Tits Sweet Nothing Necklace' by In God We Trust
If advocating for the female body interests you but actually displaying breasts seems like too much, rock this sweet (tits) necklace instead!

Kathleen-Whitaker-x-GG-Boob-Earring.jpg7.  'Boob Earrings' by Kathleen Whitaker
Still in the mood for boobs? You're in the right place.

51PS9FRfR0L.jpg8. 'The 'Big Book of Breasts' by Dian Hanson
If you like looking at large nude breasts then you should buy this book.

il_570xN.596774855_1df9.jpg9. 'Boob Tube' Etsy
A game that has boob in the title? We're in.

il_570xN.460727432_9bae.jpg10. 'Retro Boob Glass' Etsy
Back in the day, depending on the temperature of the water poured into this glass, the model's bra would vanish or re-appear. After years of use, it seems her bra has permanently disappeared in the ether. Maybe she finally decided to join the #FreetheNipple movement?

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