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Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

adultsonly_final.gifMost Exciting Nightlife News of the Week for People Over the Age of 27: There's a new party launching next week at Louie & Chan called "Adults Only," courtesy of former Six Six Sick girl Feng-Feng Yeh and friends, targeted to the late twenties/thirtysomethings crowd. Per Yeh: "We're kids from the old New York scene in our late twenties to thirties who have seen a lot in nightlife.  We wanted to do this party because there is such a gap that needs to be filled in Manhattan. All the cool parties are in Brooklyn and/or for college kids.  We wanted to bring a rawness, originallity, diversity, and newness to breathe life back into downtown Manhattan." Can't. Wait. The party kicks off next Friday with DJs Dubble Dutch, Morgan H, Jess Blaze, Diamond J B2B,  and F2. Admission $10 at the door (Free w/ RSVP before 12AM) Adultsonlynyc@gmail.com. --Elizabeth Thompson

Best Piece About Jill Abramson's Disastrously Handled, Infuriating Ousting from the Times:
Ms. magazine's Women Don't Fear Power. Power Fears Women.

56349733.jpgMost Exciting Bronx-Based Real Estate News of the Week: New York Subway Folk Hero/Dermatologist Dr. Zizmor is selling his mansion in the Fieldston area of the Bronx. It looks quite nice, actually. Guess more than one straphanger was swayed by his rainbow-ified, '90s-era 'before-and-after' photos. -- Abby Schreiber [via Gothamist]

Most-90's '90s Video of the Week: Surf dudes with attitudes. THIS IS THE 90's. -- Tucker Chet Markus

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 5.19.40 PM.pngMost Groundbreaking Semi-Scientific Study of the Week: "What Guys' First Names Say About Them." Findings include "Anthonys are college students who date girls in high school," "Bryans have bad hair and are just Canadian," "Harry = human equivalent of sheepdog," and "Joshs are hot but they always know it." That last one is a FACT. --AS

Hey Video of the Week: Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. --TCM

Bnu3ZS9IgAAIaYj.jpgStar Wars News of the Week: Filming has begun. I'm so exctied I'm swloy losng feelng inm y extremietis !!!11! --TCM

Best Theory About What Really Went Down Between Solange and Jay Z In That Elevator:
50 Cent's, as exemplified in this video. -- A.S.

Best Vine About What Really Went Down Between Solange and Jay Z In That Elevator:
This one. --E.T.

Most "You're Super Cool But Please, Please Don't Do This" News of the Week: Michael Sam's purported new reality show. -- A.S. [via Gawker ]

Viral Bunny Video of the Week:

Schwarzenegger of the Week:
Arnold says pumping is like coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take these exceptionally disturbing words and images with you into the weekend!!!!!!! Go forth my friends!!!!! God bless u -- TCM

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