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The Walkmen's Walter Martin Breaks Down His 5 Favorite Albums from Childhood

WalterMartinppv.jpgWith his band the Walkmen on what might prove to be a permanent time-out, multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin just released We're All Young Together, a cameo-rich homage to the days when pop albums could be sophisticated, weird and kid-friendly. Below, a show-and-tell of Martin's childhood favorites.

The Fat Boys: Fat Boys
First album I ever bought. I think they're eating a giant cheeseburger on the front. I bought it because the older guy across the street from me must have told me that it was cool or something.

Kenny Rogers: Greatest Hits
I remember getting my first Walkman at Marshalls and this tape was in it. I guess they used it as a demo. I definitely listened to that a lot, just because it was the only tape I had.

The Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 1964-1971
My parents were rock n' roll fans, so I got Hot Rocks pretty early. I went to sleepaway camp in West Virginia when I was about eight, and I vividly remember listening to the intro to "Honky Tonk Women" over and over lying in my little tent.

Violent Femmes: S/T
I was the youngest guy [at camp], and everybody was listening to Violent Femmes' first record. I didn't really understand it, but I guess it just had a rebellious sound that I really loved.

Men at Work: Cargo
I have an older sister and we sort of got into music together. I think this was the first album where it was my thing and not hers.

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