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Kim Hastreiter's Reasons to Be Cheerful: A Rap Video for the Ages

kim_web.jpgFor the past 10 years, I've devoted a column each spring to celebrating "reasons to be cheerful." Inspired by the crazy 1979 song by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, the title of my spring series always draws blank stares from the kids in my office. No wonder: in 1979, most of them had yet to be born!

After a long dreary winter we all could use a shot of optimism, so this time around, I wrote my annual RTBC in a new lyric format, best read along with my rap video below. And make sure to check out Dury's original song, kids: I think you'll like it.


One, two, three...

Jeremy's Moschino,
Happy Meals to go.
Pizza pie delivery,  
an Oscars cameo.
Woody's denying,
Marc Jacobs simplifying,
Whitney's moving downtown,
Biennial ruled hands down.
Putin hates Pussy Riot,
Rick Ross is on a diet.
John Waters decides
to hitch some crazy rides,
as Justin Bieber hides
and West Eighth Street revives.
JR's ballerina,
Mission Cantina,
Indochine's martini,
Carbone's fettucini,
Lena Dunham's green bikini.
Coachella, Cinderella,
singing a cappella.
Slurpy ramen's new,
Dior sneaker-shoe.
Lupita's Prada blue,
Pharrell's happy too.
Yay, Diamond Horseshoe,
Givenchy's Erykah Badu.
But first prize goes
to Raf Simons' clothes.
His Dior pink dress
makes me obsess.
While Karl hits his target
with Chanel's supermarket.

Vuitton's in the bag,
let's wave the French flag,
Nicola's show made us gag.
So Ladyfag, put on your drag,  
a new Celine bag,
and Paper mag.

No more gloom,
tulips bloom, Citi bikes zoom,
Highline and the Boom Boom Room.
Tweet a cheer, chug a beer,
get in gear, a selfie souvenir,
crash the blogosphere:

Portrait of Kim by Jacqueline di Milia. Music by Matthew Doers, video by Isabel Alcantara.

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