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Our Favorite Outtakes from the Beautiful People Photo Shoots

To read more about 2014's Beautiful People, go HERE.

64150032.jpgGigi Hadid
Read what she has to say about her New York Fashion Week debut.

64090023.jpgJonathan Groff
Read Groff's thoughts on playing roles depicting two different eras of gay life.

bajaeastbps_outtakes.jpgBaja East
Read their thoughts on "ambisex" style.

00040.jpgBridgit Mendler
See Mendler's thoughts on why touring can feel like summer camp.

64140012.jpgJeannette Hayes
Read what Hayes has to say about her "Internet on Canvas" period.

helenebps_outtakes.jpgHélene York
See the actress' thoughts on how she's learned to love playing bitches.

Read the rapper's thoughts on picking the perfect track.

_SP_0372.jpgYoung & Sick
Read why the producer-singer chose to remain anonymous for so long.

64130025.jpgThe Coveteur
Read whose closet the fashion bloggers want to document next.

biglittlebps_outtakes.jpgbigLittle Get Together
Read what the "professional chef hostesses" say is their dream dinner theme.

00121.jpgBen Schwartz
See what the actor has to say about his start as a comedy intern.

_SP_1193.jpgChelsea Peretti
See what the comedian has to say about going into 'wolf mode' on Twitter.

00263.jpgKiernan Shipka
See what Shipka has to say about life after Mad Men.

_SP_1136.jpgOmar Sy
Read what the actor has to say about getting his start as a comedian in Paris.

_SP_0135.jpgRich Torrisi and Mario Carbone
Read what the restauranteurs have to say about their approach to the locavore movement.

64160035.jpgJessica Williams
See more of what Williams has to say about going from The Daily Show to Girls.

systembps_outtakes.jpgSystem Magazine
Read more about why the System ladies say they don't have a master plan.

Jarvis Derrell
Read what the mastermind behind Instagram sensation She Has Had It says is his favorite hashtag.

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