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10 Etsy Finds: The Nice Advice Edition

1. YES Banner

il_570xN.509405283_bnuz.jpgA banner for the optimist that sometimes needs a little reminder.

2.  WHATEVER Party Banner

A banner for the realist that knows they are never going to follow through with plans in the first place.

3. Endless Bummer Tote

il_570xN.359978405_h97i.jpg"I'm completely dissatisfied with my life and all I got was this stupid tote bag."

4. Nice Advice Postcard Set

il_570xN.484742560_ouva.jpgKeep going. These cards believe in you.

5. Saliva Protective Shield Illustration

il_570xN.464781061_tooa.jpgMaybe now is not the time to invest in a saliva protective shield. The technology is just not there yet.

6. Eye of the Tiger Print

il_570xN.576314403_tlqd.jpgIs "Advice Tiger" already a meme?

7. Updated Report of Observations Which Somehow Seem To Reflect Abstractly On Life Zine

il_570xN.307916324.jpgThat "friends" pie chart is too real.

8. Painted Lion Print

il_570xN.428931788_r4wp.jpgWell, that's one option...

9. Andy Warhol Print

il_570xN.522195598_o8rq.jpgEyebrows over boys, always.

10. Get Shit Done Mini Banner

il_570xN.560876937_1sud.jpgGo do it!

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