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A Local News Station Accidentally Showed a Dick Pic on Live TV

OOOOOOPS. Watch as a Denver news caster accidentally shows a dick pic as he swipes through an iPad on live television. NSFW. [Uproxx]

In case you were wondering what Tom Hanks would look like as a rap star, here you go. [Uproxx]

Lena Dunham and Hugh Dancy played "Pyramid" on the Tonight Show last night with Jimmy Fallon and ?estlove and it was delightful.
What to do if your girlfriend is literally dying and can't even. [Jezebel]

Worth a try. [JuliaSegal]

 tumblr_lmzb0cLsmF1qjykxzo1_400.gif Oh hey splash! [JerseyDrag]

XYBW.gifToday, make sure to GET IT as hard as the drummer is getting it. [Mlkshk]

Oh god, this is the cutest. Check out the The Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences children's school choir flawlessly performing Pharrell's "Happy." They are the best. [Uproxx]

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