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Chanel, Jeremy Scott and Why Food Packaging Is Fashion

YAY: Finally my longtime obsession with supermarkets (and superdupermarkets!) has hit the fashion runways. Welcome to my world! I adored Jeremy Scott's amazing Cheezy-Bits  and Hershey-bar gowns for Moschino -- a show that had everything that had to do with the cheeze of pop culture:

Moschino-Jeremy-Scott-Fall-2014-Fashion-Show-Milan08.jpgMoschino-Fall-2014-Hersheys-dress.jpgJeremy Scott X Moschino

But Karl Lagerfeld's bedazzled shopping baskets and genius grocery aisle sets for Chanel (complete with Chanel Mayo, Chanel soda and Chanel rice cereal) sent me over the edge.

I've always wanted fashion brands to do food. Supermarkets, as I discuss in the below 2002 Q&A with Murray Moss on Target, are very design-centric. They color-code and do something called "striping" -- essentially color blocking. It's visual, repetitive and about as pop as you can get. In the '70s, generic food came in white packaging that said what was inside in big black type -- which was the design inspiration behind the early black and white issues of Paper. There's something so chic about packaging that says exactly what it is.

Maybe there's a superdupermarket Chanel and Moschino booth in our future?




And speaking of fashion in supermarkets, check out this ThreeASFOUR-styled grocery store spread from our April 2000 issue.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.36.56 PM.png
Click to enlarge

My May 2002 Q&A with Murray Moss, Target and the brilliance of big-box design:


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