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Timo Weiland F/W '12: 10 Things We Loved About It.

1) Front row conversations: Some choice quotes overheard before the show started:

"Last night after we were leaving the art gallery, I think my ear was bleeding."
"From the music?"
"I think someone stabbed me."

"Look at him with his girlfriend."
"That troll next to him."
"You didn't want him!  He wanted you!
"Yeah, but still."

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 12.01.49 PM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

2)  Tasteful fur accents: Fur is a touchy subject however way you look at it. but we couldn't help but swoon at some of the tasteful accents TW included in their F/W collection.  They nailed it--fur cuffs, collars and hems added a touch of decadence without being heavy-handed.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.53.04 AM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

3) Bad-ass models have are more fun: The design duo with a self-described "flair for dapper dressing" have always projected an edgier, sexed up gentleman (or woman) with a few models each season looking like they were pulled out of a VICE party and thrown on the runway.  This season, however, TW amped it up a notch casting models with facial and neck tattoos, a bull-ring piercing and an aggressive rattail.  We kinda liked it.

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 12.13.00 PM.pngPhotos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

4)  Peeps of patterns: We liked the hint of playfulness coming from glimpses of wild patterns paired underneath otherwise simple sweaters and pants.  It's like a little fashion surprise.

Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

5) Dream of the 90s: The Dream of the 90s is alive and well in Portland, Portland and, apparently, New York Fashion Week.  Spaghetti-strapped slip dresses, velvet, chokers and Seattle grunge-style layering all made a comeback.

6)  Fashion types perking up to Das Racist: The crowd appeared transfixed by Timo Weiland's clothes to the point of being in a semi-fashion stupor--that is, until Das Racist's "Happy Rappy" came on and, just like that, some serious head bobbing action happened as if these fashion types listen to the Brooklyn trio all the time.

model.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

7) This model:  He looked positively striking in the plaid, hooded coat and had the most intense runway stare ever.

spank rock and gabe saporta timo.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

8) Sometimes Fashion Week trumps the Grammys...even for rock stars: Though we've been wondering whether the timing of the Grammys last night has contributed to a fairly sparse celebrity attendance this year, we were excited to see that Spank Rock and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship chose to watch a fashion show rather than the Grammys.  "Of course when Timo and those guys asked me to come, I had to come.  It's my first show of theirs and it's awesome," Spank Rock said.  For his part, when asked about missing the Grammys Saporta said, "That's what Tivo's for!"

boybun_tw.jpg9) Cadre of boy buns backstage: After heading backstage, we noticed several dudes rocking boy buns like a posse of fashion samurais.  Who were these imposing-looking guys?  Turns out they were show production interns.

twparents.jpgPhoto courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

10) The designers' moms backstage: You can be the coolest kids on the scene, you can cast models with rattails and face tattoos, you can host your party at the Electric Room but you still have a mom.  Who looks like any normal mom from Great Neck/Newton/Highland Park/Brentwood.  And she will bring you and your partner a bouquet of flowers.  And, somewhere, you have proud dads lurking around too.''

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