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Morning Funnies: 2014 Oscars Edition


Somehow the most embarrassing thing about John Travlolta last night wasn't his sad, shoe polish doll-hair wig, but his butchering of Idina Menzel's name as "Adella Dazeem." Woof.[Dlisted]

travoltaPicture 20.pngAdela Dazeem now has a twitter account with `12K followers.

rs_560x315-140302191111-560.Oscars-Twitter-Selfie.jl.030214.jpgEllen took a selfie with everyone during the Oscars and it was re-tweeted 578 billion times and made the sun explode. 

BhxeusoIUAA7iff.jpg_large.jpgAnd then someone who is a genius made everyone in the photo into Kevin Spacey. [KariVonHorn]

Pharrell dancing to "Happy" with Lupita, Meryl and Amy Adams was magical. [via DorseyShaw]

stevemcqueenclapping.gifSteve McQueen was the best over-it clapper of the night. (This was when John Ridley won for best adapted screenplay and the two are supposedly in a fight.)

tumblr_n1u3iguuHb1ruw1vso1_1280.jpgWell, this is just mean: A collage of Leonardo DiCaprio made of photos of other people winning Oscars. [Digg]

enhanced-buzz-wide-26820-1393811517-16.jpgBenedict Cumberbatch photobombed U2 on the red carpet because he's the best. [Buzzfeed]


Jennifer Lawrence fell down. [MikeHayes]
 anigif_enhanced-15914-1393817676-11.gif Ellen ordered pizza for everyone and Harrison Ford was King 'Za, y'all! [Buzzfeed]

enhanced-buzz-21899-1393824212-11.jpgBrad Pitt was merely prince 'za. [Buzzfeed]

anigif_enhanced-buzz-16135-1393824373-5.gifEllen sneaking up on Sandra Bullock and Leo was pretty fun. [Buzzfeed]


Ellen made a joke about Queen Liza looking like a man and was served a nice heaping plate of ice-cold bitch face. [Mike Hayes]

enhanced-buzz-22051-1393826464-13.jpgEllen and Liza took a selfie later and Liza was thrilled. [Buzzfeed]

P.S. At the Spirit Awards on Saturday night, an editing snafu showed Reese Witherspoon clapping for the winner of the award she was on stage presenting. #INDIE. [Dlisted]

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