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10 Etsy Finds: A/V Club Edition

1. You look at me with words but I look at you with feelings

il_570xN.324274315.jpgAnna Karina was iconic in her many roles as Jean Luc Godard's leading lady. Her performances will be forever immortalized on-screen and on this balloon.

2. Bill Murray Fan Club Button

il_570xN.516108549_oslt.jpgThis pin actually can't be purchased. You can only earn it after watching Groundhog Day every day, for a year.

3. Dapper Ryan Gosling Crush Tee

il_570xN.565412303_rhpw.jpgIf you're not a fan of Ryan Gosling, this shirt also comes in Zach Galifianakis and James Franco.

4. Lost in Translation Coloring Book

il_570xN.296230867.jpg[Inaudible Whisper]

5. Twin Peaks Poster and Print

il_570xN.442331172_6uyo.jpgEvery major Twin Peaks reference packed into one poster for the Lynchian super-fan.

6. I Love Films Brooch

il_570xN.554830162_ivcn.jpgFor the who are adamant about the distinction between mere movies and films.

7. I Love Bad Movies Zine

il_570xN.252780497.jpgI Love Bad Movies features essays on the '80s movies we love to hate and the ones that we wish we could just forget about.

8. Cher Horowitz Clueless iPhone Case

il_570xN.551724257_83t0.jpgIf Cher had an iPhone in the '90s, her case would definitely have her own face on it.

9. Bill Haverchuck Art Print


Whether you were a geek like Bill, a freak, or something in between, everyone could find something to relate to in the short-lived series.

10. Kramer Sutra

kramer.jpgAn illustrated fanzine that "provides a peek inside Hollywood's 108th most popular TV character from one year in the '90s."

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