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10 Etsy Finds From the Depths of the Internet

1. Star Wars Print Leggings

Basically the same as a Rodarte gown. New York Fashion Week isn't over until Etsy kills it and then drags its corpse into the deep depths of the Internet.

2. The Great Wave of Kanagawa White Collar Shit

il_570xN.520691503_3ubs.jpgWill. Not. Make. Another. #Surfbort. Joke.

3. Unicorn and Rainbow Panties

il_570xN.420393494_b0wd.jpgWhen will we have the technology to make GIF textiles?? The future is NOW, people.

4. Moorland - Masha Reva x SNDCT

il_570xN.396057587_7fcb.jpg90% of things on Etsy look like a nightmare craft-project, but these Photoshop-layered textiles of digital gardens on boxy silhouettes are absolutely gorgeous.

5. George Costanza Mens Shirt

il_570xN.523697846_kypp.jpgThis is how we feel when we look at the shirt:

6. La Petite Jungle Purse

il_570xN.562235463_p2c0.jpgA cute coin purse to carry around the world's tiniest elephant. Or you could use it for your keys and ID if you want to be boring.

7. Picturebook West Coast Succulents

il_570xN.366600542_5n2f.jpgMade from digitally-scanned prints of kids' drawings, this pillow is super cute.

8. Smiley Face T-shirt

il_570xN.540779490_q58p.jpgEmoji is the New Black.

9. I Have Given Up Sweat Suit

il_570xN.517050190_o1eg.jpgVariations of this ensemble have been floating around the Internet for a while now, but buying it has never seemed more tempting. Dear New York Winter (cc: Life in General), WE GIVE UP.

10. YouTube Jungle Collage Socks

il_570xN.480510854_8775.jpg I'm not even going to try to understand this. To quote the sweat suit that I'm wearing, "I HAVE GIVEN UP."

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