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10 Etsy Finds: Witchy Vibes

1. 2014 Astrology Wall Calendar

il_570xN.528321850_sv9y.jpgA well-designed, minimalist way to make sure you're never caught off-guard when Mercury is in retrograde.

2. Palm Reader Hand Brooch

il_570xN.511449947_o4yx.jpgIt's always best to be well accessorized when convening with the spirits world. 

3. Ouija Board iPhone Case

il_570xN.556651020_h3gs.jpgAs if drunk-dialing ex-lovers wasn't already way too much like an ill-advised séance.

4. Evil Eye Purse

il_570xN.485654580_d4wf.jpgPossibly the chicest way to ward off bad vibes. 

5. Three-eyed Cat Pin

il_570xN.486961438_8z43.jpg Even with an extra eye and fangs, this cat is still totally cuddle-able.

6. Herbarium Wood Box
il_570xN.521521564_5imt.jpgPotion-making has never been so easy (or cute!) 

7. Fox Mulder Wooden Brooch Pin

il_570xN.483602063_d5ho.jpgResearchers have pinpointed the sole cause of a thousand Tumblr fangirls sighing and reblogging at once:

tumblr_n0b1zxO0Em1trelvio1_500.png8. Teen Witch Sticker Set

il_570xN.528775995_8fu9.jpgHandmade stickers for the crafty teen wiccan.

9. Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Drops Cat Amulets

il_570xN.560618850_cveb.jpgAccording to ancient Internet folklore, these cats will bring prosperity and good luck. And pizza.

10. K&R Round Ceramic Eye Pot

il_570xN.416649097_emo9.jpgA potted plant that even Christopher Walken could love:


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