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Before they Were Golden: Amy, Leo, Andy and more in Paper

We dug into the Paper vaults to bring your our early coverage of last night's big Golden Globes winners. Seeing 20-year-old Leonardo Dicaprio in Oakleys will change your life.

2924 Paper 10-thumb-600x718-90675.jpgphoto by Steven Sebring

Before he was a Wolf of Wall Street, for which he won the Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, a 20-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio was wearing Oakleys and rocking 1995-loads of gel in Paper. DiCaprio told us he wasn't interested in pursuing the giant-box office star route:

"I don't want to be ahead of the pack. I don't want to be the gigantic romantic lead guy. Not to say there's anything wrong with that, but as long as I can stay along with the pack and keep running with it, in the end I'll probably have a good body of work to look back on. The only thing I'd probably consider doing -- as far as those types of movies are concerned -- is the next Star Wars trilogy. If that were ever to come up, that would be a tough decision, 'cause that would be awesome."

photo by Cass Bird

Back in Paper's September 2007 issue, Andy Samberg, who won for Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which also took home an award for  Best TV series, musical or comedy), was just grateful that Dick in the Box and the culty comedy flop Hot Rod were helping alleviate some of the pressure that "Lazy Sunday's" success created for the Lonely Island:

"I think 'Dick in a Box' really took the pressure off a lot. And by pressure I mean took the pressure off our balls. It really lifted the dick up. And the video 'Dick in a Box' with Justin Timberlake took the pressure off more figuratively. After 'Lazy Sunday,' I was like, 'This is going to be the only thing anyone is ever going to want to talk to me about for the rest of my life.' I mean, I was really happy that we had something that people connected with, but you don't want to be the band that always has people talking about their first album. After 'Dick in a Box,' we were like, 'Ahhh, now we have two things we can talk about.' And then after Hot Rod it was three."

And here's Lorne Michaels predicting that Hot Rod will likely be held up one day as some of Samberg's best work: "Critics just don't like new comedians, and they certainly don't like them if they come from SNL or television. Later on, they revise their opinions and say that so-and-so's later films aren't as good as the first ones. I think the picture will be thought of differently in two years."

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.21.01 PM.pngphoto by Jacqueline Di Milia.

When we featured Elisabeth Moss, who won Best actress in a miniseries or TV movie for her role in Jane Campions' detective mini-series Top of the Lake, back in October 2008, she was two seasons into Mad Men and willing to dedicate a big chunk of 2009 to starring in David Mamet's Speed the Plow.

"For five months we're going to be doing the show. And it's David Mamet ... You don't not do David Mamet."

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.35.26 PM.png

Back when we made Globes host and winner Amy Poehler a Beautiful Person in 2003, she described her 2001 debut as a cast member on Saturday Night Live thusly:

"I just stayed out of the way and tried not to ruin anything."

amycover2.jpgPhoto by Walter Chin

In our 2013/14 Winter Issue, on stands now, Amy Poehler chalked up Parks and Recreation's rabid following to the show's writing. Poehler won Best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy for her portrayal of Parks' ever-optimistic, super-ambitious Leslie Knope.

"That's a testament to Mike Schur, Greg Daniels [the show's creators] and the writers. The writing's really top-notch. I dig shows where all the characters don't talk like the 28-year-old writer in the room. Like, there was never a moment in All in the Family where Archie was aware of what an idiot he was, and wink-winked it, and said, 'OMG.'"

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